Amusement Parks in Poland with Children - Kelionės su vaikais
Amusement Parks in Poland with Children
Pramogų parkai Lenkijoje su vaikais

Amusement Parks in Poland with Children

Poland is one of the countries closest to Lithuania, which can offer so many entertainments for children. “Traveling with Children” shares with you the best places to have fun with children in Poland.

Amusement parks in Poland with children are the most fun amusement and water parks, the most interesting museums and the most impressive zoos.

As the Easter holidays and the summer are approaching, we advise you on where to have fun with children in Poland. It can also be a great idea for a weekend trip. By choosing several objects from our prepared entertainment guide, you can plan a longer vacation with your family in Poland.

We love to travel and have fun in Poland. We go to Poland at least six times a year. We have visited and tried almost all of these entertainments ourselves, so our recommendations for you are sincere and verified.

Amusement parks in Poland with children – a guide for your vacation

It is worth having fun in Poland not only because there is a larger selection of parks, museums and attractions in Poland than in Lithuania, but also because it is significantly cheaper in Poland.

This comprehensive guide prepared by us – Amusement parks in Poland with children – will help you answer questions about which amusement parks are worth visiting. Also what to visit and see in Poland with children. Which museums are worth paying attention to and which will appeal not only to children, but also to you. You will find out which water parks are the most fun and suitable for visiting in the summer.

Amusement parks in Poland with children

Amusement parks in Poland with children

The best amusement parks in Poland with children

A trip to Amusement Parks in Poland with children is the fastest and easiest way to give children an exciting day. Most of these parks are no more than six hours away by car from Vilnius. Only the famous Energylandia is located a little further. So choose which park is most interesting to you and plan your next trip. We guarantee entertainment with children in Poland and its amusement parks – both your children and you will like it.


This is the largest amusement park in Poland, which has three main zones: Bajkolandia (for the smallest), Family and Extreme. The smallest park visitors can enjoy childhood paradise: not only carousels and trains, but also heroes of their favorite fairy tales.

The family zone established in the Viking village will not disappoint, and the adrenaline dose will be increased by sailing on a real Viking ship on a crazy river, Dragon and Boomerang trains, an interactive monster attack and many other fun attractions.

The extreme zone is for the bravest. You will go up to a height of 33 meters on the Mayan train, on the Formula 1 attraction you will go at a speed of 100 km/h, and on the Water train you will go up to a height of 60 meters and go down at a speed of 110 km/h.

We strongly recommend buying tickets in advance at a reliable and tested reservation system.

Read about the trip to Energylandia in the articles “Train trip to Krakow with children”, “Krakow with children: Energylandia Park and Zoo”

Amusement park Movement Arena Suwałki

Movement Arena Suwałki is a real world of movement, entertainment, acrobatics and parkour! This is a place for absolutely every child, young and old, who wants to spend time actively. And it doesn’t matter if your child is a fan of gymnastics, acrobatics, parkour, or you just want to have a great time here with the whole family and test your strength – in this arena you can jump, climb and hang and test what your body can do. Our readers will get a 10 percent discount with the discount code KELIONES – don’t forget to mention it before you pay!


Children’s area (from 1 year of age). Ideal for children from 3 to 12 years old, it will become every child’s favorite place! A lot of entertainment awaits the little ones (monkey climbing, sliding into the ball pool, pontoon and tube skating and many others).

Jumping and trampoline area (from 7 to 12 years of age). Experience adrenaline jumping from a multi-level tower on an air cushion, discover the joy of bouncing from more than 20 trampolines, including two paths. Jump into the foam cube pool. Discover your parkour skills in our indoor parkour park. Here you will find more fun.

Amenities: the space is perfectly suited for families with children of all ages. For the convenience of visitors, there are safe, clean and comfortable changing rooms with lockers, toilets, as well as a toilet with a changing table. There are tables, sofas and chairs right next to the children’s play areas, where parents can relax and comfortably watch their children playing. In another recreation area, parents, while waiting for their children (especially the older ones), can have fun playing slot machines or simply watching the whole hall from above.

TOP entertainment for children in Suvalki – see our Movement Arena Suwałki overview too.


This is the Europe’s largest amusement park under the roof that’s working all year round. This amusement park was opened only in July 2021. The park will take you to the Renaissance period. Here you will find 20 attractions, two of which are roller coaster rides. Many of the attractions are suitable for children from 90 cm tall, so they are perfect for smaller children.

Read the full article and impressions after our visit in the article “Mandoria: the largest indoor amusement park in Poland”

Baltowski complex

It is a large entertainment complex where you will find the first Dinosaur Park in Poland, an animal park, horse riding, a miniature park, a prehistoric aquarium and a witch village. The Safari park is also waiting for you here. The park is located on the way to Krakow from Warsaw.

Magic gardens

This is a magical fairy garden-amusement park. The park is located near the charming and popular tourist town of Kazimierz Dolny, not far from Lublin. The park covers several hectares of territory with flowers, trees, streams, waterfalls and, of course, attractions for children. These are fairy-tale zones with mysterious inhabitants. The attractions in the park are designed for children of all ages. Girls will especially like it.


The oldest amusement park in Poland, located near the city of Katowice. Here you will find more than 40 attractions for the whole family – from the smallest to the largest children. The park is similar to Energylandia – only older and smaller.

Amusement parks in Poland with children. Legendia amusement park

Amusement parks in Poland with children. Legendia amusement park

An Illusion farm

Only available during the season. The park is located on more than 6 hectares of green, halfway between Warsaw and Lublin. There are dozens of attractions for children of all ages. Playgrounds, queues, and various entertainments are available for the little ones. For older children – a world of illusions with a flying mystery house and a gold mine. Illusion art shows and other performances can be seen daily. An outdoor swimming pool is open during the summer.

Lunapark Sowinski

Open seasonally, located in the popular Polish seaside town of Vladyslavow, not far from Gdynia. Many different attractions, roller coasters.

The best water parks in Poland

A trip to Polish water parks is a great experience for the whole family. In addition, the largest water park in Europe is located very close to Warsaw and invites you to have fun all year round. There are many amusement parks in Poland that are open both in winter and summer. Many water parks have outdoor pools and slides in the summer, so visiting them on time in the warm season is twice as much fun.


This is the largest water amusement park in Europe, the size of which is about 70,000 sq. m. About 15,000 people can visit it per day. people. With a temperature of around 32 degrees and 740 palm trees imported from Malaysia, Florida and Costa Rica, this water park is sure to keep you entertained. The park is divided into three separate zones. Relax Suntago, Jamango and Saunaria Suntago.

The park is open from 10:00 a.m. excluding public holidays. The rinks are open from 1:00 p.m., from which time the crowd starts to increase. If you want to enjoy the park when there are fewer people, come from 10:00 a.m. It is best to go on a weekday, not on a weekend, because there are really many people.

Although there are many cafes and restaurants in the park, if there are more people, you may have to wait for more than an hour. There is a wide selection of food, from pizza to Asian food and ice cream. The prices are really friendly. There are several cafes where mothers can drink wine or a cocktail. We recommend that you bring drinks or snacks with you, you can have a picnic outside in the summer and inside in the winter. Food and drinks are free to bring into the park.

Recommendations for those planning a visit to Suntag

Buy your tickets in advance, because lines are twice or three times shorter to enter the park with already purchased tickets. In addition, with a ticket you are 100% guaranteed to enter the park, as the number of people during the covid pandemic was limited. Tickets can be purchased on the park’s website.

Ticket prices for smaller children are determined by height up to 90 cm, up to 120 cm. Although most of the slides are designed from 120 cm, but the person maintaining the slide decides whether to allow a child to go down it.

There are three zones, only Jamango is allowed with children. In other areas, people are really less, because many people come to the park with children.

By the way, there is a shop before entering the park – it’s handy if you sometimes forget your swimming ring, flip flops, shampoo or other accessories necessary for swimming.

We recommend spending a whole day in the park, because there are really many activities. A four-hour ticket is really not worth it (too little time), because you won’t have time to try even a small part of the entertainment. And the two-hour ticket is not even worth thinking about!

The park is located a little outside Warsaw. 6-7 hours from Vilnius. by car. Although there are hostels near the park, their prices are high. We recommend staying overnight in Warsaw and visiting many fun places in the Polish capital.


The largest amusement park in Poland has the largest open water park too. 14 water slides of an impressive size and a very large territory of the park will certainly not leave you indifferent.

We strongly recommend buying tickets in advance at a reliable and tested reservation system.

Wroclaw Water Park

Very well translated, offers a lot of entertainment for both the smallest and adults.

Reda Aquapark

This is one of the most fun water parks, and one of those places that you must visit if you are on vacation at the Polish seaside, because the park is very close to Gdynia. Has the only rotating water slide in Poland. The water park also has a water attraction where you swim through a shark aquarium.

Nemo Water Park

This park located near the city of Katowice. Especially suitable for visiting in summer, it has a number of outdoor pools and entertainment. We visited it when we were on vacation and visiting Krakow. The great advantage of Polish water parks is that in the summer, they have large pools and entertainment areas, which I miss a lot in Lithuanian pools.

Warszawianka Water Park

Located in a hotel and entertainment complex in Warsaw. Not very big, but very appreciated by tourists and locals. We highly recommend a visit.

Krakow Water Park

A great water park that you must visit if you are traveling in southern Poland. Read about what to do in Krakow, where to have fun and what to visit in the article “A trip to Krakow with children with train” and “Krakow with children: Energylandia Park and Zoo”

The water park of Krakow

The water park of Krakow

Łódź Water Park FALA

A water park that is very convenient to visit when traveling by car to Germany or other European countries. It has a very nice outdoor pool and lots of outdoor slides. Great fun and definitely highly recommended. If you are planning a summer vacation in Poland, we highly recommend visiting the Mandoria amusement park. A great holiday destination and even two entertainment attractions for children.

Sopot Water Park

This water park belongs to a large entertainment complex. A very popular place, especially among those vacationing by the sea.

Zakopane Water Park

Unique for its views of the Tatra Mountains. Some parts of the park are open only during the season.

Tropikana Water Park

This water park is very popular among Lithuanians. It is located in the small town of Mikolaikai at the Golebiewski Hotel. The visit is free for hotel guests. Very fun in the summer, there are many outdoor pools, a playground, so you can spend the whole day. There is a bar outside, if you are a hotel guest you can order to the room account, if you are only visiting the water park – you will need to pay by cash or card. The water park provides towels even if you are not a hotel guest, so there is no need to bring your own. A very nice indoor children’s pool with slides and entertainment for smaller children. The water park is not new or very modern, it cannot be compared with the biggest water parks, but it is perfectly suitable for weekend entertainment with children.

Kutno Water Park

New, modern, but not very big. Perfect for a stopover on your way to Germany or Europe for a break.

Suwalki Water Park

One of the funniest entertainments in Poland is in Suwalki and it’s called the Suwalki Water Park. The Suwalki water park is ideal for smaller children. Children are allowed to go down all slides, there are no height restrictions. Shallow descents into the water are perfectly adapted. For adults there are several saunas, jacuzzi. We visit here very often. Very friendly prices too.

Read more about entertainment in our prepared article “Shopping and entertainment in Poland in Suwalki”.

Termy unieliow

It has a large outdoor area, a very nice stopover on the way back from western Europe. Very good feedback from visiting families.

Tropical pool

Surrounded by natural tropical plants, the pools are located in a glazed space with a sliding roof. Here you will find 3 large water slides with a total length of 300 m, various playgrounds for children, a swimming pool with water slides for the smallest children. The park is located in the town of Kielce.

Terma Bialka

It is a complex with thermal pools, various saunas, a water slide, and a wellness center. Since this complex is located near the largest ski resort in Poland, it is particularly popular. If you are traveling to Zakopane, we highly recommend a visit. If you are looking for information about traveling with children to Zakopane or the Tatra Mountains, read the article “A trip to the Tatras with children and a baby”

The most interesting museums in Poland

A trip to Polish museums can be a stopover on your way by car or on your way back from a vacation in Europe. We recommend eight museums that are really worth paying attention to.

Copernicus Science Center

At the Copernicus Science Center, you can visit exhibitions where many of the “exhibits” can be touched and, in the true sense of the word, tried for yourself. In the center you can also visit the performances of the Robot Theater and the High Voltage Theater or take part in scientific experiments. Mini-workshops in the center’s laboratories and breathtaking sensations in one of the most modern planetariums in Poland are also waiting for you. We recommend buying tickets in advance, as the museum is very popular.

Hewalianum Center

A trip around the world? With Hevelianum it is possible! Seven continents. A total of 90 interactive stands await curious children and adults. You can learn about Africa, South America, North America, Antarctica, Asia, Australia and Europe.

Experimental Science Center

Interactive exhibition, providing space for creative experiments. This is where the fascination with science is born. Science exhibitions, workshops and events engage, educate and entertain. Various themes, interactive entertainment – see, touch and learn. We especially recommend it to children who are interested in everything.


It’s at the Hydropolis Water Museum in WROCLAW. The museum is symbolically located in the historical XIX century. in an underground clean water tank with an area of ​​4000 m². This is an interactive exposition “Earth – Water Planet”, which tells about the origin of water and its importance for our planet. The whole variety of water is presented with the help of multimedia, models, interactive installations, touch screens. We recommend buying tickets in advance in summer.

The museum has a special environment, it’s dark, here you can stretch out on the deckchairs and watch the moon rise on some fantastic planet. Children will like it very much, because everything is interactive, you can press everything, there are many lights.



Toy Museum

Located in Warsaw, the museum has a collection of over 150 historic houses, shops and dollhouses. Exhibits come from all over the world, the oldest ones are more than 200 years old. The collection – perhaps the largest and most interesting in this part of Europe – contains several thousand miniature objects and toys, as well as many old games and puzzles.

Museum of Illusions

A very popular museum in Warsaw. Both children and adults will like it. You can buy tickets in advance – you will save a lot of time.

Museum of Aviation

This museum in Krakow has an extremely large display of over 200 different aircraft and 100 aircraft engines. Those interested in aviation will definitely like it. It is very convenient to buy tickets in advance.

Museum of slot machines

This museum in Krakow will definitely take us back to our childhood. More than one and a half hundred vintage gaming machines that can still be played. It is very convenient to buy tickets in advance.

The most interesting zoos in Poland

Wroclaw Zoo

Wrocław Zoo was established in 1865, when the city was still part of the Kingdom of Prussia. It is not only the oldest, but also the largest zoo in Poland. On the territory of 33 hectares, you can see 1100 different species of animals. In total, more than 14,000 individuals live here, coming from various corners of the world including Africa, North and South America, Asia, and Australia. We recommend buying tickets in advance.

In 2014, an Afrikarium (made from a combination of the words Africa and aquarium) was established in the museum.

Thanks to the concept of the facility, Afrikarium has become a unique global complex presenting the African environment.

It includes the “Red Sea” (coral reefs created in a tank with a capacity of 1 million l, among which 60 species of colorful fish dive), “East Africa” ​​(hippo diving in a huge aquarium), “Mozambique Canal” (an 18-meter suspended acrylic tunnel, which you can admire while traveling turtles, stingrays, like rocket-launching sharks), “Congo River Jungle” (crocodiles, sirens), “Skeleton Coast” (jellyfish, morays, other interesting burrowing animals and eels).

The exposition dedicated to the African continent allows the visitor to feel that he is not only in the jungle, but also underwater, where he can observe the fauna of the African coasts and depths for a whole day. It is not for nothing that this pavilion is the No. 1 attraction in Poland.

Gdańsk Zoo

The zoo is located on the outskirts of the city and can be reached by bus 179. It operates all year round, some of the animals are outdoors, some are in a closed area. The park is big, give it half a day. There are quite a few lounge areas. Ticket prices vary by season.

Krakow Zoo

There are about 260 species, 1500 animals in the zoo, the territory covers an area of ​​almost 17 hectares. The parking lot of the zoo is far from the garden itself, so if there is an opportunity, we suggest that you drive all the way to the zoo and drop off the children (under the supervision of one adult, of course). Until they buy the tickets, park the car in the lot, which is about 1 km away, and come on foot. It is very convenient to buy a ticket together with pick-up and drop-off from the hotel.

Read about the trip and visit to the Krakow Zoo in the article “Krakow with children: Energylandia Park and Zoo”

Poznań Zoo

This zoo is one of the oldest in Poland. However, the animals are now housed in a renovated zoo, although the old historic part of the zoo remains.

Warsaw Zoo

The garden is located in the very center of Warsaw, easily accessible by public transport. Today, about 500 different species of animals live on an area of ​​40 ha, with a total of about 4,000 individuals. It is an active and modern zoo that was opened in 2003. It has a 6 thousand square meter elephant area – it’s a special enclosure with external and internal pools, a house, a special area for elephants to walk.

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Places to visit with children in Poland

Places to visit with children in Poland

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