Kelionės su vaikais -

Kelionės su vaikais

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We discover the most beautiful places in Lithuania and the world


  • Rauboniai amusement park

    Rauboniai amusement park

    Can you imagine a place with so many fun activities that children are so excited they don’t even know where to start? Rauboniai amusement park is exactly such a place. Here you will find dinosaurs and pools, animals and swings hanging between trees, trains and trampolines, and how many other…

  • The Parkuojis Manor with Children

    The Parkuojis Manor with Children

    The Pakruojis Manor is the best manor in Lithuania for children. Various festivals are held here several times a year, there are permanent interesting exhibitions, various entertainment and education for children. Here you will find both places to eat deliciously and places to play with children. Pakruai manor with children –…

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