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We Suggest

  • Best deodorants for moms

    Best deodorants for moms

    There’s always so much action going on in a woman’s life that staying fresh all day is truly extraordinary. Sometimes we sweat even when we are sitting down, just from stress or hormonal changes. Deodorants and body cosmetics become especially important for mothers on the go, because conditions don’t always…

  • Giving birth at Santariskes hospital

    Giving birth at Santariskes hospital

    Childbirth is one of the most unique and perhaps most worrying experiences in the life of a woman and her family. At “Travel 4 kids®” we write about travel, but this time we want to share the experience of giving birth at Santariskes hospital, rather than our impressions or recommendations…

  • World Lithuanian School PALIMO

    World Lithuanian School PALIMO

    You have probably heard about Lithuanian communities, festivals and meetings around the world. But what about the children of Lithuanians around the world, do they communicate, do they know about each other? Two young Lithuanians have created a cozy virtual school for young Lithuanians from all over the world, where…

  • Outdoor children birthday party venues

    Outdoor children birthday party venues

    A birthday is one of the most anticipated celebrations of a child’s year. So, once a year, all parents wonder where to celebrate their children’s birthdays. Summer is a wonderful time – so we have selected the most interesting Outdoor children birthday party venues in Lithuania where you can celebrate…

  • Baby’s cradle cap

    Baby’s cradle cap

    Mothers who see dandruff on their baby’s head are often worried – is it normal, or is the baby’s dandruff a sign of a disorder? Should it be removed or left? We want to reassure you – it’s a normal part of the first year and it’s easy to get…

  • Injuries to children during travels

    Injuries to children during travels

    All parents of young children know that both home and travel first-aid kits must contain miracle-working remedies for bruises, wounds and general scrapes. And families who travel extensively and actively not only have such remedies on hand, but also use them often – injuries to children during travels are commonplace…

  • Best ride on car

    Best ride on car

    Ride on car is an indispensable toy for every child. It is a toy that develops a child’s coordination, physical and mental development. We would like to share with you the best ride on car that we have discovered, which is safe for children, highly manoeuvrable, convenient and, above all,…

  • Activities with babies in Lithuania

    Activities with babies in Lithuania

    Activities with babies in Lithuania – where to spend your time in a useful and meaningful way? We have heard this question from more than one mother. That’s why “Travel 4 kids®” is sharing with you some of the most interesting activities and things to do with babies across Lithuania.…

  • Best sun cosmetics for children

    Best sun cosmetics for children

    Catching the sun is essential for children, and not just in summer. Children are growing up fast, bones are getting stronger and moods are improving! But children’s friendship with the sun is only fun and healthy if they take the 5 most important precautions and use quality sun cosmetics. So…

  • Baby skincare

    Baby skincare

    Sensitive, allergic and atopic skin are increasingly common problems for babies and toddlers. For some, the condition is permanent, while for others it occurs only at certain developmental stages. How to help your little one relieve the symptoms and what skin care products can help? We share our tips on…