Entertainment and shopping in Augustaw in Poland - Kelionės su vaikais
Entertainment and shopping in Augustaw in Poland
Pramogos ir apsipirkimas Augustave Lenkijoje

Entertainment and shopping in Augustaw in Poland

Augustaw is a small town just 50 kilometers from the Lithuanian-Polish border. And although the town is small, it has a lot of fun activities and entertainment. We recommend spending a weekend here at any time of the year, and we especially recommend relaxing by the lake in summer.

This article prepared by us on entertainment and shopping in Augustaw in Poland is a great guide for everyone who is looking for information about where to have fun, where to shop, and where to eat in Augustaw.

Entertainment – what to do in Augustaw?

Augustaw is a city by many lakes, which are connected by canals. So most of the entertainment takes place in the summer. The Poles themselves love this town and go on vacation here. Entertainment and shopping in Augustaw, Poland, can be fun not only in summer, but also in all seasons.

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One of the main entertainments is sailing on the lakes and the canals connecting them. There are longer and shorter cruises, and you can sail in large or smaller boats. Private sailings can also be booked. There is also a themed Viking ship. Prices are not high. Boats sail all year round, except when it is very cold and the lake freezes over. During the season, the choice of boats is very large.

During the summer season (the season here is usually July-August), there are trampolines at the harbor in two places, as well as many different mini-attractions. On the other side of the bridge from the port, near the entrance to the cemetery, there is an amusement and carousel park.

Entertainment and shopping in Augustaw, Poland

Entertainment and shopping in Augustaw, Poland

Next to the city beach, there is a swimming pool park during the season. In the off-season, it is perfect for smaller children to try the lowest track without carabiners and guards.

Where to travel with kids in Poland

Where to travel with kids in Poland

As Augustaw is located by many lakes, kayaking is very popular here. There are also great bike paths. There is a decent playground for children by the harbor.

What to do with kids in Poland

What to do with kids in Poland

City beach

As I mentioned, the Poles themselves like to relax by the lakes in the summer, so the shores of the lakes need to be cleaned up, as well as the infrastructure nearby. It is the same not only in Augustavos, but also in nearby towns – Elk, Gyzycko, Mikolaikai.

The beach of the city of Augustaw is really wonderful. We really like to rest there in the summer. The shore of the lake is sandy, a very, very slowly deepening shore. Part of the beach is surrounded by a wooden bridge, so it is ideal with children, because they will not swim deep into the lake. Lifeguards are on duty during the season. There are a lot of cafes, eateries, and ice cream parlors.

Where to stay in Augustaw

We like the hotel Hotel Warszawa Spa&Resort the most. This is a great 4* hotel on the shore of the lake. It has two children’s playrooms and an outdoor playground. Also a very nice, albeit small, spa with a pool. Especially suitable with children, because the pool water is very warm. Traditional regional dishes are served at breakfast, and the buffet is truly impressive. The hotel itself also has an excellent restaurant, boats, water bikes for rent (open in summer). The hotel is about 2 km away from the city. But there is a lovely walking path along the lake to the town. The price for 2 adults and a child ranges from 450 zlotys (100 euros). If, like us, you like short weekend spa trips – this hotel is just for you.

Book through the booking.com reservation system – the best conditions are guaranteed.

There is a neighboring Sanatorium Uzdrowiskowe Augustów too. Also a great place to stay. There is a larger selection of various treatment procedures, but the rooms and environment are simpler than Warszawa Spa&Resort, as it is a sanatorium. It has a large swimming pool and offers many procedures, which, by the way, are performed with high quality.

Another great choice is the Hotel Wojciech. Only this hotel is located far from the city itself, so you will have to go to Augustaw by car. It also has a swimming pool.

If you are looking for a cheaper and simpler option – try the Oasis U Tadeusza. Very nice place, very nice host having turned her large house into many rooms for rent. We have stayed here once. Very good value for money.

Where to eat in Poland

Where to eat in Poland

Where to eat in Augusta

No matter where we travel, we always follow certain rules about where to eat. First of all, we read the reviews, then we see if there are many cars parked near the restaurants and if there are many locals eating. If you need to choose a catering establishment while traveling (for example, driving in Poland or elsewhere on the highway) – a man’s golden rule is to see if there are many “food stalls”. If there are a lot of them, then the food is tasty, there is a lot of it and the place is good.


This is a place similar to our HBH in Palanga. We recommend visiting it in summer or when it’s warm, because the extremely large outdoor area and mega terrace, playground for children, is a pony. You can smell the sauna and the rooms right here. The food is traditional, a little modernized, but really tasty, the prices are friendly.

Under apple trees

A cafe open all season right next to the port. Large terrace with a beautiful view. A small playground for children. Very tasty food. Great pizzas for kids.

Prost Z Mostu

Probably the fanciest place in all of Augustaw. Very stylish environment, very popular with locals. Right next to the canal and the port.

Adventures in Poland

Adventures in Poland


A traditional inn in the outskirts of Augustavas. The food is typical Polish, the portions are very large, the prices are very friendly. Inside, there is a very large children’s playroom, a large terrace. Outside there is also a playground for children.

Zajazd Wiwa

The cafe is located in the suburb of Augustaw. It was discovered by a man following the principle “where there are many cool drivers”. The place is super – furnished in an American diner style. Very nice environment, food is really tasty and is served in very large portions.

There is also a very good restaurant in our favorite hotel Hotel Warszawa Spa&Resort. If you are staying here – we definitely recommend you to try their cuisine.

Shopping in Augustaw in Poland

Augustaw is not a big city, but there are some decent places where you can shop. How to save money when shopping in Poland, you will find in our prepared article “Shopping in Poland: how to save”.

Clothing and other industrial goods are best found in the REDMILL shopping campus. It is very close to the Kaufland shopping center. There you can find our favorite children’s store SMYK, as well as shoe store CCC and German discount clothing and thrift store KIK. Also Sinsay, Pepco stores. Sporting goods store Martes. I would also recommend visiting Tedi, a shop with various cheap trinkets there. Here you will find toys, carnival goods, household items, bathroom accessories.

Entertainment and shopping in Augustaw, Poland

Entertainment and shopping in Augustaw, Poland

When we are in Poland, we always visit the pharmacy. Here, the prices are significantly different from Lithuania, and you can buy some medications or cosmetics sold in pharmacies for half the price than in Lithuania. Prescriptions issued in Lithuania are also valid in Polish pharmacies. However, you need to have them in paper form. We like Apteka Gemini the most, it is in front of the Kaufland store, completely on the other side. As far as we have shopped here, the prices are usually the best.

Food stores

While in Poland, it is worth shopping not only for industrial and food products. There are three main grocery stores – Biedrionka, Kaufland and Lidl.

Be sure to download the store’s electronic discount cards to your mobile phones before your trip! Currently, the most popular grocery stores (Kaufland, Lidl, Biedrionka) allow you to register an account for a Polish card with a Lithuanian phone number! If you don’t want to register the cards, just search the Internet, you will find pictures of discount cards in various groups or forums! All you have to do is scan them at checkout and they work great. If you can’t find it, write to us, we will send it to you. You can really save a lot – often when buying with a card, stores apply really good discounts or a 1+1 promotion.

You can also find many German goods that we like in the Kaufland shopping network. There is a very large Kaufland store in Augustave. The assortment in Lidl Polish stores is similar to the Lithuanian Lidl assortment. However, you will find other products as well.

Entertainment and shopping in Augustaw, Poland

Entertainment and shopping in Augustaw, Poland

Most of all, we like Biedrionka. There are very tasty cheeses/snacks for children with heroes, as well as a good assortment of very tasty children’s sausage balls. They also have Matthew’s favorite Paw Patrol or Minions pasta. Biedrionka is similar to the stores of the Lidl chain, it does not have a weighing department, but the selection of food products is extremely large. We also buy Polish diapers Dada here. They are really high quality, we bought them for our first child, and now we use them for our second child. They often have a 1+1 promotion, and the price without the promotion is really good. We really like it.

Entertainment and shopping in Augustaw in Poland – weekend plan

Entertainment and shopping in Augusta in Poland is a great weekend idea for your family. Our plan during the cold season in Augustaw is as follows. We leave Vilnius on Saturday morning, after arriving in Augustaw we visit a few shops, have lunch and check in mostly at Warszawa Spa&Resort. We go to the pool, the game room and go out to dinner. On Sunday, we have a slow breakfast, go to the swimming pool, check out of the hotel and go for a walk to the city beach along the lake, to the park of coffins. We drive home, sometimes we visit the water park on the way too.

Entertainment and shopping in Augustaw, Poland

Entertainment and shopping in Augustaw, Poland

If we go in the summer, then we try to leave on Friday and stay overnight for two days because it’s great fun to spend more time at the beach. A lot of entertainment for the child, which, by the way, is significantly cheaper than in Lithuania too.

Useful information for those going to Augustaw

We are going to Augustava via Lazdijai border post. Immediately behind it on the left are two exchange offices. In them, the course is similar. Changing a larger amount always gives a better rate, even without negotiation. And if you exchange a large amount, you can safely negotiate. Just don’t pass. These exchange offices are located immediately after crossing the Lithuanian-Polish border. In the second cabin, further away from Lithuania, the workers have lollipops for children. So even though we change a small amount, we always stop.

After passing the exchange a little further, we find the Vynoteka store, which is very familiar to us. Here you will find not only Vynoteka-specific goods, but also meat and grocery products at really good prices. And the prices of Vynoteka’s main assortment are significantly better than in Lithuania.

After passing the Vynoteka store, there is a gas station, where fuel is usually cheaper than in Augustava itself or the nearest gas station in Circle K in the town of Giby.

Suvalkai is also near Augustaw and that‘s also a great place for shopping and entertainment in Poland. Read the article about Suwalki in our article “Shopping and entertainment in Poland in Suwalki”.

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