A Trip to Gdańsk with Children - Kelionės su vaikais
A Trip to Gdańsk with Children
Kelionė į Gdanską su vaikais

A Trip to Gdańsk with Children

It doesn’t matter where our dear readers live, everyone travels, and most importantly, they tell us their impressions. Therefore, we want to share with you the impressions of a wonderful trip to Gdańsk with a child, shared by Vytautas from Klaipėda with his wife and son. The active family chose everyone’s dream and favorite destination – Gdansk in Poland. Their trip to Gdańsk with children and the chosen route can become a great memory and guide for you.

The route of the trip

The family divided the trip into stages, taking into account their seven sons traveling together and not wanting a tiring journey. And the stages are as follows: Klaipėda – Olsztyn – Gdańsk – Olsztyn – Klaipėda. This route to the Polish seaside is very great, especially when traveling with children. Traveling to Gdańsk with children is not as tiring as it may seem.

The trip to Gdańsk with children is thought out and planned, so the family responsibly planned both accommodation and attractions. So, first of all, about overnight stays. The trip to Gdańsk was by car, so an important criterion was that the accommodation should have parking and a convenient location.

A Trip to Gdansk with Children

A Trip to Gdansk with Children

Accommodation in Poland

After reaching Olsztyn, the family chose a one-night break and stayed in a 2-room apartment in a newly built house booked through the most popular booking system. The apartment is called Calamo Park. The apartment is comfortable, with underground parking and a balcony, but it does not have very comfortable beds. Book at the best price.

Since the main destination of the trip is Gdańsk, the family spent 5 days there, so they also stayed in a 2-room apartment in a new building at Marcin’s place (Długie Ogrody 18). The place of stay was pleased with the caring owner who provided maps, reliable tea, recommendations on what and where to see and visit in the city. Apparently, the common feature in the neighboring country is not very comfortable beds, but the small problems were compensated by the wonderful location and the close proximity to the center of Gdańsk. Book at the best price.

On the way back from Gdansk, the family stopped again in Olszyn, where they chose to spend the night in a popular hotel chain Hampton by Hilton. It was extremely clean, tidy, amazing breakfast and “everything taken care of” feeling. Book at the best price.

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A trip to Gdańsk with children – what to see

Places to visit in Gdańsk. Vytautas and his family recommend what is worth seeing in and around Gdańsk.

Sluice bajory małe (Sluice bajory małe)

One of the locks of the Nazi canal system, located in the Slupno district. The place is on the slope of a forest, in dense thickets, but the family shares that it’s not really worth scrambling up the slopes and scrambling through bushes to see a giant block of concrete masked by green trees. Advice for traveling in winter, the picture should be clearer.

Lower Lesniew Lock (Lower lock Leśniewo)

One of the locks of the Nazi canal system, located in the Leśniewo district. Unlike the previously mentioned gateway, this gateway is easily accessible. Walking from the parking lot, you will come along a good path. The building itself stands in an open area and can be viewed perfectly. Parking is paid, but not expensive – the price is a few zlotys.

Mamerki Bunker Museum

Mamerki bunker complex from the Second World War, where the museum is located. You won’t see anything very impressive, but the authentic atmosphere is preserved. You can visit the bunkers and see some exhibits. There is a high observation tower here. It’s definitely worth stopping by once you’re passing by. Price for a family – 75 zlotys.

Stutthof Museum German concentration camp

Sztutowe concentration camp, whose sad history you can explore for free. It is recommended not only to go there yourself, but also to take the children (it is necessary to educate the children). Only parking nearby costs. The price is about 15 zlotys.

Observation wheel AmberSky

Ferris wheel in Gdańsk. If you like heights – it’s worth it, because it turns as many as 5 circles, and you can enjoy the city panorama. It won’t be stuffy or hot even on the hottest day, because all cabins are air-conditioned. The price for a family is about 100 zlotys.

Military Technology Museum “GRYF”

Technical museum with military theme in Dąbrówka. Although the main theme here is military, you will also see other civilian equipment. Part of the museum is devoted to the exposition of ammunition, artillery, explosives and weaponry. Techniques and exhibits range from World War II to more modern times. A visit is definitely recommended. The price for a family is about 70 zlotys.

Castle in Łapalicach (Nieukończony “zamek” w Łapalicach)

The abandoned castle in Lapalice is a lot of fun to wander around. Access to the castle itself is prohibited by a road sign, don’t risk it because the police patrol often, don’t risk driving to the castle gate if you don’t want a holiday fine. In this case, the free visit will turn into a paid one.

Volkswagen Museum

The Volkswagen Museum is located in a private house in Pępowe. The museum does not leave a great impression. The cars are beautiful, restored, but they are small and very repetitive (same models, different bodies or parts). Due to lack of space, cars are arranged like flour packets in a store, shares the traveler Vytautas. Taking your time and taking pictures, you will go around the museum in about 30 minutes. The price for a family is about 53 zlotys.

Black Pearl Ship

Mini cruise around the city of Gdansk. A chance to see the city from the water. You will also see views of the old town and industrial districts. The boat sails for about 1.5 hours, there is a restaurant in the restaurant, you can have a snack and a drink while sailing. If it’s cold outside, I suggest you have something warmer to wear, because the wind blows like crazy. The price for a trip for the entire family is about 220 zlotys.

You can book a ride on a replica of a Polish riverboat that has been in use for over 400 years. This wooden and spacious 12-seater ship, mostly used in the 18th century, will take you where big ships can’t go, and the small number of passengers will make you feel free and special.

Gdynia Aquarium

The aquarium in Gdynia is not very big or special in any way. Children will love the variety of fish. The museum itself is small and old, if you have visited the new Klaipėda Maritime Museum, you will think that the Klaipėda museum is many times ahead of this one. The price for a family is PLN 95.

Naval Museum (Muzeum Marynarki Wojennej)

Museum of the Polish Navy. If you are a lover of ship models, this museum will be a discovery for you. Ship models range from the oldest to the newest, from the smallest to very large. There are also some real exhibits, but there are few of those. It is forbidden to allow exhibits in the museum, make sure that children do not touch them. The price for a family is 60 zlotys.

Museum of the Second World War (Muzeum II Wojny Światowej w Gdańsk)

This is a World War II Museum. A very serious and comprehensive museum that engages from the moment you enter to the last exhibit. With an audio guide, you will travel along the paths of both the museum and history. We highly recommend a visit. Price for a family is 89 zlotys.

European Solidarity Center (Europejskie Centrum Solidarności)

European Solidarity Center. The museum is devoted to the history of how Poland (and other countries) managed to escape from the yoke of the Soviet Union. The narration of the audio guide is very interesting and engaging, it guides the visitor around the museum and simply immerses himself in the history. You can even spend up to 3 hours going into the details. We highly recommend it. The price for a family is PLN 85.

Castle in Kwidzyne (Zamek w Kwidzynie)

Castle in Kvidzyn. There is a small ethnographic exposition in the castle, and some nature exposition is also presented. It’s a mixture of the Rumšiškės and Tadas Ivanauskas museums in the castle. 🙂 It is not recommended to drive because of this castle, because nearby Malbork is worth your time more. The price to this castle is 87 zlotys per family.


The museum is designed to introduce children not only to science, but physics, mathematics, and natural sciences come together here. Children will like the museum the most, because everything can be touched, experimented with, looked at and simply experienced. The museum is a little tired, some things don’t work, some are broken, but it will appeal to both children and adults. We recommend this one. Price for a family – 75 zlotys.

Battle of Grunwald Museum (Muzeum Bitwy pod Grunwaldem)

Zalgiris Battle Museum. A very interesting museum with a Lithuanian-speaking audio guide. The common history of Lithuania and Poland is told, but the main action is about the Battle of Žalgiris. The descriptions of the exhibits are also provided in Lithuanian. We recommend. The price for a family is 93 zlotys.

Recommendations where to eat

What about traveling without food? We share Vytautas’ recommendations and discoveries

  • Restauracja Sirocco Olsztyn – the food is very tasty and unique. Price for a family – including main dishes and drinks – about 184 zlotys.
  • Izakaya Sushi & Ramen Gdansk – Japanese food. Typical Japanese food. Price for a family – main dishes and drinks – about 204 zlotys.
  • Chinkalnia Gdansk– Sackartwell Kitchen. Food tastes good only in very small portions. Price for a family – main dishes and drinks – about 121 zlotys.
  • Pueblo Gdańsk – Mexican food. Very tasty and authentic. Price for a family – appetizer, main dishes and drinks – about 284 zlotys.
  • Hora de Espana Gdańsk– Spanish cuisine. Delicious. Reservations are required because you will leave hungry. Price for a family – appetizer, main dishes and drinks – about 218 zlotys.
  • Paulo Gelateria Lodziarnia Mistrza Polski Gdansk – an ice cream shop, home to amazing ice cream. Price for 3 servings (paper cups) – 24 zlotys.
  • Gdański Bowke Gdańsk – English cuisine. Tasty, filling and good service. Price for a family – soups, main dishes and drinks – about 272 zlotys.
  • Cudne Manowce Olsztyn – Polish cuisine. Delicious food with a very tasty signature soup. Price for a family – soup, main dishes and drinks – about 176 zlotys.

We thank the family of Vytautas for the wonderful sharing and we hope that the map of both historical places to visit and gastronomic discoveries will be extremely useful for travelers. And our impressions about the trip to Gdańsk and recreation on the Polish coast can be found in the article A trip to the Polish seaside with children.

If you are looking for more ideas on where to go to have fun with children in Poland, you will find all the information in the article Amusement parks in Poland with children.

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