A Tour of Banana Plantations in Tenerife - Kelionės su vaikais
A Tour of Banana Plantations in Tenerife
Ekskursija po bananų plantaciją Tenerifėje

A Tour of Banana Plantations in Tenerife

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Excursion to a banana plantation in Tenerife – Jolita, one of the founders of “Travelling with Children”, visited a banana plantation with her family and other friends and took part in an excursion and tasting.

The History of the Banana Plantation Las Margaritas

Las Galletas, located in the municipality of Arona, is the largest greenhouse banana growing area in Tenerife. In this area of ​​volcanic origin, since the 1960s, farmers who emigrated from the island of La Palma have developed the production of Canary Islands bananas and export more than 26,000 tons annually to the continental and European markets.

Finca Las Margaritas started growing bananas in 1977 when several family members, Adolfo Guerra González and Margarita Hernández Pérez, got together and started the business. Both come from a long-standing family of banana growers from La Palma.

The plantation covers an area of ​​about 8 hectares, where 98% of the trees grow. In this area, you can find bananas and the rest – fruit trees such as mangoes, papayas and avocados.

Guided Tour of a Banana Plantation in Tenerife with Tasting

Tour days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Tour time: 11:15 a.m. the beginning of the tour. Duration about 75 min.

Tour price: 10.00 euros for adults – 8.00 euros for children (from 4 to 12 years old). Discounts apply to residents.

The tour can be conducted in Spanish, English, and on Thursdays in French.

During the tour, the most important aspects of banana cultivation are told, and at the end of the tour there is a tasting of plantain and gofio products.

We liked it a lot. The hostess told a really interesting story about sycamores, how they are grown, how many days they ripen, and when they are harvested. Children were shown how to make “toys” from sycamore bark. At the end of the tour, we tasted not only sycamores, but also gofio sweets, various sauces, and adults were also offered a sycamore wine tasting.

Here you can also buy tasting products for the waiting room or for yourself.

Self-Guided Tour of a Banana Plantation in Tenerife

Tour days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Tour time: 10:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. Approximate duration 60 minutes.

Tour price: 8.00 euros for an adult – 6.00 euros for a child (from 4 to 12 years old). Discounts apply to residents.

During the self-guided tour, the visitor will listen to an initial explanation, then continue the journey at his own pace and will find numbered signs where he can read the contents presented in the folder by language: Spanish, English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Dutch and Polish.

We recommend allocating 1 hour for a non-urgent visit. It is also possible to do it a little faster or vice versa – it can take much longer.

At the end, you can also enjoy a tasting of banana and gofio products.

What We Learned About Bananas

It is more correct to call bananas growing in the Canary Islands plane trees. This is what the locals call them, and this name is also used in shopping places.

Bananas from the Canary Islands are ripened without any chemicals or gases, so they are extremely natural and delicious.

This farm grows two varieties of Canary Islands bananas: the large dwarf and the thick palm or small dwarf, with an average yield of 45-50 kg per bunch, but there are specimens with yields of over 70 kg.

Did you know that plane trees are a grass? You will learn this and more when you visit the plantation.


Be sure to book in advance (at least a day before, and if you want to visit on a Saturday and a few days before), especially if you plan to go on a guided tour.

There is a parking lot at the plantation – be mindful of the signs. Do not leave personal belongings in the car – the lot is not guarded.

Pay attention to the warning signs and do not deviate from the route. If you have booked a guided tour, look for the meeting place sign.

Suitable for people with reduced mobility and wheelchairs. There are benches for resting in the plantation. There are toilets.

If you’re wondering how to arrive, our “Travel with children ®” Tenerife attractions map will tell you how to do that.

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