Winter entertainment for children in Lithuania - Kelionės su vaikais
Winter entertainment for children in Lithuania
Žiemos pramogos su vaikais Lietuvoje

Winter entertainment for children in Lithuania

“Traveling with children ®” invites you to spend meaningful time with your family and try winter entertainment with your children.

Winter entertainment with children in Lithuania – you won’t believe how many of them we found. Even we were surprised that you can find so many winter entertainments in Lithuania during the cold season. Choose the right ones for you based on your interests, location or activity.

For skiing lovers

In Lithuania, we have quite a few ski tracks or places that are suitable for skiers and winter entertainment lovers. It’s great that almost all ski centers in Lithuania have slides adapted for children.

Zhalvaris park in Molėtai district

This winter fun will be great for skiers and winter fun lovers alike. Žalvaris Park invites you to ski and explore the park’s exhibits on a new 1.3 km track.

For children, the park also offers to try sledding and abseiling. The ticket price is 5 euros per person, free for children under 5 years old (inclusive). The park is open on weekends from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Relevant for skiers. ️The long track is open 1.3 km, the short track is closed. There are no tracks for classic style skiing yet, but it is possible to skate on a common track. The track is not lit, so we recommend that you have your own lights in the dark. ️There is no inventory rental yet.

Lithuanian winter sports center in Ignalina

Here you will find alpine skiing trails and an alpine skiing trail for children and beginners. Lovers of cross-country skiing will also find winter entertainment here. There are tracks for them here.

Lithuanian winter sports club in Ignalina

Lithuanian winter sports club in Ignalina

European Center Golf Club in Vilnius district

Here you will find an excellent circular cross-country skiing track of more than 5 km in length. Less experienced skiers can cover this track in an hour, and more experienced skiers in half an hour. Both individual and group skiing lessons are held here. The club also has an excellent restaurant.

VU Botanical Garden in Kairėnai, Vilnius

Those who like skiing and love winter entertainment can also visit VU Botanic Garden in Kairenai. 4 km long tracks, suitable for skiers (inexperienced or less experienced skiers), non-professionals. VU Botanical Garden installed and manages them together with the Lithuanian National Skiing Association.

VU Botanical Garden in Kaunas

VU Botanical Garden in Kaunas

Snow Arena in Druskininkai

“Snow arena” is the only year-round winter entertainment complex in the Baltic States. “Snow Arena” is chosen for their training by the world’s most famous skiers who have won victories in the World, European Championships and the Olympic Games.

In the winter entertainment complex, there are 2 indoor ski slopes, covered with high-quality snow produced without any chemical and bacterial additives, and an open outdoor slope (in the cold season, in favorable weather conditions). One of the biggest attractions of the Snow Arena is the Snow Park. It constantly changes figures to perform various tricks according to the latest fashion trends. Both skiers and snowboarders are welcome on the 460-meter-long mountain every day. For those without experience, but eager to learn, Snow arena offers lessons from professional instructors on a 150-meter track for beginners.

Liepkalnis winter amusement park in Vilnius

Liepkalnis, located near the center of Vilnius, becomes a center of attraction in winter, where adrenaline fans gather.

Snowboarders and skiers go down the slopes to improve their snow skills, even if there is no snow in Vilnius itself. A good time is guaranteed for both beginners and professionals. The longest track is 400 m, but try everything.

If you don’t have your own equipment, you can easily rent it on site. And if you’ve never stood on skis or a snowboard, that’s okay – professional instructors will quickly show you all the necessary tricks.

What to do when you are tired? Vilnius airport is located nearby, so Liepkalnis is an ideal place to watch planes. In addition, the mountain offers an impressive panorama, the landscape of the Pavilniai Regional Park, so grab a cup of coffee in the cafe at the top of the mountain and enjoy the views. In the neighboring Ribiškiai landscape reserve, the most fun hills are sledding.

Liepkalnis's winter adventure park in Vilnius

Liepkalnis’s winter adventure park in Vilnius

Martha’s hill in Plunge district

In the winter entertainment center “Mortos kalns” there are 3 tracks for advanced skiers (280 m, 230 m and 160 m long), a snow park and a children’s hill for those taking their first steps on snowboards or mountain skis. Here you can rent skis, snowboards, helmets, goggles, and a ski instructor. The cafe invites you to warm up with mulled wine or soup. By the way, you can go down the mountain with a single or double tubing (round snow slide).

Jonava Ski Center

The ski center has a ski equipment rental point, and if you come with your own equipment, you can change your boots and leave them in a designated place at the entrance to the track. For those who want to learn to ski with the help of an instructor, the center provides individual services for skiing and snowboarding instructors.

Jonava's sliding center

Jonava’s sliding center

Kalita mountain in Anykščiai

In the cold season, you can enjoy a wonderful view of nature or go skiing on KALITA mountain. In winter, tracks of different difficulty are prepared here, the length of which varies from 200 to 400 meters. There are 3 lifts going up the mountain.

There is an opportunity to rest and warm up at the visitor center. Instructors help beginner skiers of all ages, ski equipment is available for rent. Children will also find winter entertainment here – for them, in addition to skiing, there is a great sledding track.

Winter adventures in Anykščiai

Winter adventures in Anykščiai

Utrių kalns – ski resort in Klaipėda district

Ski resort in the Klaipėda region, offering tracks not only for beginners, intermediates, and advanced, but also for sledge lovers and a snow park for snowboarders. There is also a ski equipment rental point and a cafe in the area. From here to Klaipėda is only about 30 kilometers, so you can really combine active entertainment with a cozy winter vacation by the sea.

Aukštagirė mountain is a ski slope in Šilalė district

In 2017, a place for winter entertainment was opened on the Aukštagirė mountain, where three tracks of varying difficulty (green, blue and red) are prepared for skiers and a snowboard park. The length of the tracks reaches up to 300 m, two lifts go up the mountain, and there is a separate multilift for children and beginners. The snow is produced here without any chemical and bacterial additives, the tracks are illuminated during the dark, and in the future it is planned to install plain tracks. If you don’t know how to ski yet, the instructors will help you (you need to agree on the training time by phone in advance).

Visit the Aukštagirė observation tower too.

IMPORTANT: due to the changeable weather in Lithuania, it is always recommended to call and inquire about working hours before going skiing.

Winter entertainment for the family throughout Lithuania

Ice rink in Lukiškės prison in Vilnius

We want to share wonderful entertainment for children and the whole family. Have you heard about Vilnius skating rink in Lukiškės prison?! We visited a few days ago! We really enjoyed it and will be back again and again!

Our observations and recommendations. A ticket for a child is 4 euros, an adult is 6 euros, you can buy it on the spot or online! We recommend buying online as there are many people and the number of skaters is limited. You secure your seat with an online ticket! The rink is under the roof, so don’t be afraid to travel even in the snow! You can have your own skates or bring them on site. There are definitely small sizes for kids! There are little penguins for children, which help them learn to skate, there are not many of them, so there is a competition for them Inside there are warm toilets, a cafe, so you can freely go inside to warm up!

It’s a wonderful entertainment for children, Matthew is already asking to come back again! Although he skated for the first time, he caught the system very quickly. The Lukiškės prison itself is beautifully decorated, you can feel the festive spirit! The rink is open until February, so be sure to visit. By the way, the first two skating sessions every day are free.

Forged mountain sleds

Kalita mountain is a paradise for winter entertainment in Anykščiai. Perhaps the most famous and popular object here, which awaits the most visitors, is the toboggan run. In a section of almost 500 m, there are various turns, a loop, a springboard, and a merry-go-round. Sleds travel up to 40 km/h, so adrenaline and indelible impressions are guaranteed for both young and old. It’s great that the sled runs all season long. We cannot imagine winter entertainment in Anykščiai without these sledges.

Winter karting in Anykščiai

Many of you have probably tried go-karts. However, did you know that you can try karting on snow at the Anykščiai kartodrome? It sounds interesting. It really is.

Once upon a time in winter

For winter fun or a great family weekend, we suggest you travel to Anykščiai. Here you can take a walk through the beautiful snow-covered treetops on the path of the treetops. Try the entertainment in Kalita Park too. Relax in the evening in a wonderful and cozy spa and stay overnight at the hotel in Nykštos majesty.

Winter events and festivals

1000 lights festival in Rumšiškės

The festival of lanterns and light installations “1000 lights” means even more light and laser compositions, a longer and more impressive trail than last year and a special environment. We guarantee that both children and adults will like it. Our recommendations – buy a ticket online, it will be cheaper! The festival area is large – dress warmly, it will take you at least an hour or two to go around everything! For children, you can take sleds, there are hills and slide down, besides, if they get tired – it will be easier! There are several kiosks selling hot drinks and snacks! (One at the entrance, the other a bit in the middle of the park).

Ice sculptures in Marijampole

The capital of Suvalkija invites you to admire the wonderful ice sculptures Jonas Basanavičius Square. But be quick, as the sculptures will delight visitors as long as the weather permits.

Animal farms in winter

During the winter, it is especially fun to visit animal farms throughout Lithuania.

We really enjoy visiting the alpacas in the winter. We are very happy with the new discovery Tuomi farm in Ukmergė district and Envelopes with Vingios Alpacas in Vilnius.

We often go to Elniai SPA near Kernavė. And if you want a real winter hike – travel to Žibutė meadow farm.

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