What to see in Kazlų Rūda with children - Kelionės su vaikais
What to see in Kazlų Rūda with children
Ką aplankyti Kazlų Rūdoje su vaikais

What to see in Kazlų Rūda with children

We bet that you have driven past Kazlų Rūda more than once or at least heard about it. You have heard that it is separated in half by train tracks, that it is surrounded by forests. But did you know that it can offer many exciting activities for children and families?

Thanks to the Kazlų Rūda tourism and business information center for help in preparing the information guide, What to visit in Kazlų Rūda with children. Save this guide, pack your backpacks and discover Kazlų Rūda. Slowly, surrounded by nature, let’s recharge our batteries after a long winter!

What to visit in Kazlų Rūda with children

Kazlų Rūda region museum exposition

The modern and interactive exposition covers the main themes of the Kazlų Rūda municipality – the urban legend, the railway, the wood industry, the interwar period, partisan battles, the beauty of nature, iron ore, the distinctiveness of communities, attractions and famous people.

Visiting the exhibition is FREE. We recommend making an appointment in advance.

More information with exact  coordinates of the museum can be found on the KAZLŲ RŪDA sightseeing map.

Kazlų Rūda Forest Museum

In the museum, you can get acquainted with the history of forest management, the basics of forestry. Here you can try to get to know the plants and trees of the forest, learn about tree pests and diseases, as well as see the old working tools of foresters.
The museum exhibits models of animal feeders, small forest predators, animal skulls, horns, hunting ammunition, and a large part is occupied by more common water and marsh and forest birds.

More information with exact coordinates of the forest museum can be found in the “Traveling with children ®”’s map of KAZLŲ RŪDA’S places of interest.

Kazlų Rūda educational forest trail

The path is intended for pedestrians and cyclists. The length of the pedestrian path is 4 km, and for cyclists – 6.5 km. During the trip, you will get to know forest animals and plants, as well as the history of the farm. Here you will also find a stand for the extraction of iron ore, a bunker of Lithuanian partisans. The trip will be crowned with a visit to the wooden observation tower.

More information with exact  coordinates of the educational trail can be found on our map of KAZLŲ RŪDOS’s places of interest.

Kazlų Rūda Square and the sculptural composition of the urban legend

The square is a popular place for the townspeople to relax and celebrate – during the winter holidays, the city’s main Christmas tree is erected here. In addition, a sculptural composition telling the legend of the city’s origin can be found in the square. Here you will meet all the Kazlas brothers who founded the city: Motiejas, Anupras, Stanislovas, Kazimieras, Boleslovas and young Jacob and the symbols that reflect their activities. Metal plates with the text of the legend are attached to each oak sculpture.

More information with exact sculptural composition can be found on our map.

Kazlų Rūda city park and bird trail

The park is popular – various events are held here, there are many entertainment and recreation places for the citizens and guests. The park also has a Bird’s Path – while walking along it you can hear the voices of birds and see their nests.

More information with exact park and trail coordinates on the KAZLŲ RŪDOS’S sightseeing map provided by “Traveling with children ®”.

Moon Park

The 450 kg stainless polished steel moon invites you to take a photo and have a piece as a memory of Kazlų Rūda. In the warm season of the year, not only the city fountain invites you to relax in this park, but also an educational children’s playground made of natural materials. For active leisure, there is a volleyball court.

More information with exact coordinates of Mēnulis park can be found on the “Keliones su vaikais ®” map of KAZLŲ RŪDOS’s places of interest.

STIHL rope park

This is the first such park in Suvalki. The park has six tracks – two for children and four for adults. All of them are of different difficulty, from orange for children under 5 to black for extreme leisure enthusiasts. The park also has a disc golf course. Picnic areas are available for those who want to have a snack.

More information with exact  coordinates of the rope park “Traveling with children ®” on the KAZLŲ RŪDA’S sightseeing map.

STIHL park

STIHL park

Tawny owls

Bagotoji is the capital of owl sculptures. Now there are more than 25 of them and the number is growing every year. Use the map from our website to find all these characters as you travel through the cozy country lanes.

More information with exact coordinates of the owls on the KAZLŲ RŪDOS sightseeing map of “Travels with children ®”.

Kardoki nature school

We invite children and teachers to educations organized by the Kardoki Nature School. Their uniqueness is a space surrounded by forests. You are offered not only to breathe fresh air, take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, relax, but also to get to know nature up close, learn how to live peacefully in it and experience an adventure in the forest.

The following educations are offered:

  • “Pack a Survival Backpack”
  • “Experiential journey through the senses”
  • “Indian’s Way”
  • “Edible wonders under our feet”
  • “Find the Riddle”
  • “Forest Treasures”

The time is arranged by agreement. Fee: 10 euros/child with meals, 8 euros/child without meals.

More information with exact education coordinates can be found on the “Travels with children ®” KAZLŲ RŪDOS’s sightseeing map.

Nature school of Kardokai

Nature school of Kardokai

By the way, in Kazlų Rūda you can stay in cozy homesteads by the lakes, where you can go kayaking or boating, take a bath. There are also homesteads that conduct interesting educations. Let’s travel slowly in Kazlų Rūda and teach children to draw strength from nature!

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