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The Most Interesting Activities for Children in Alytus
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The Most Interesting Activities for Children in Alytus

This time we were attracted by the city of Alytus, nestled in the bend of the Nemunas. As if we had a feeling that there would be a lot of adventures in nature. We were definitely not wrong! We can guarantee that while having fun in Alytus, neither young nor old will be disappointed.

So, today, we share what to do with children in Alytus, why it is necessary to take nuts on a trip, what secrets are hidden in this city, why you may have to carry your loved ones here or be carried on the bridge yourself and all other answers. We’ve prepared this list of activities together with the Alytus tourism information center.

The Highest Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge in Lithuania and Alytus mound

For a quiet family walk, the “White Rose” bridge is perfect. It is the highest pedestrian and bicycle bridge in Lithuania (its height is 38.1 meters.) Standing on the bridge opens up a wonderful panorama of the city of Alytus.

It is interesting that the White Rose Bridge is even included in the Lithuanian Book of Records, as the highest bridge of its kind, and there are six marks on it every 40 meters, on which the type of love according to Aristotle’s philosophy is named. You can prove your love to your loved one or little darlings by carrying them in your arms to the limit of a certain type of love. Also visible from the bridge is the Alytus mound– one of the most visited objects in the city of Alytus. It can be reached by steps down from the bridge or by a paved road. Rest areas with gazebos and fireplaces, children’s playgrounds are located near the mound. Next to the bridge you can find the Dainų slėnis, Panemune cycle paths, and the Dailides lake recreation area.

Access is possible from the Basanavičius Street. Access to the Alytus mound is made possible from the Piliakalnis street.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Paths and Recreational Area of ​​the Great Carpenter Lake

If you are planning a trip to Alytus with your family, don’t forget to take your bikes or scooters, because Alytus has as many as 30 km of pedestrian and cycling paths that lead through the most famous objects of Alytus. And for a pleasant time in nature, we recommend choosing the Dailide Lake recreational area, which includes not only pedestrian and bicycle paths, but also equipped with area lighting, a beach, recreation areas with gazebos and fireplaces, volleyball, children’s playgrounds, outdoor exercise equipment, a boat dock with a pontoon bridge, a lifeguard’s house and other infrastructure necessary for a good and comfortable rest. And if you are traveling with older children or are looking for more challenges yourself, here you will find a waterboard park and electric scooter rental.

Youth Park

As you continue your acquaintance with the nature of Alytus on your own vehicles, we invite you to visit the Youth park. This park was founded in 1984, and the first composition of eight metal and plastic sculptures in Lithuania was built in it. Currently, there are playgrounds for children’s games, chess, sports, roller-skating, exercise equipment, parkour, marked bicycle paths, a skate park and two roller coaster tracks. One track is intended for children and beginners, and the other is the largest bicycle roller coaster track in Lithuania, which is also perfect for one-on-one races. But the little ones will like the park’s resident squirrels, who curiously greet visitors, so don’t forget to take some nuts!

The Resort Park

Another place recommended for the whole family is the Resort park. A modern children’s playground with climbing frames and swings has been installed in the square behind Laisvė Angelo Square. Here you can try outdoor musical instruments that can be played by all music lovers: professionals, beginners and amateurs. Nearby you can find the monument of the Angel of Liberty, the colorful surroundings of the attractive Green Gymnasium, the City Garden, famous for its roses, with a fountain installed in the interwar period.

The resort park

Anzelmos Matutis Memorial Museum and Wood Sculpture Park

If the weather is fine, visit the museum which was established in the house where children’s poet and pedagogue Anzelmas Matulevičius-Matutis lived in 1961-1985. On the second floor of the building, the writer’s study room with authentic interior, library, souvenirs and personal belongings has been preserved. Various exhibits and photographs speak of long journeys and love of nature. The museum offers various educational programs for schoolchildren and families, shows of children’s creations are prepared too. On the other side of the street, in A. Matutis Park, visitors are greeted by wooden characters from the poet’s works: Raganosis, Drevinukas, Pelėda and others.

Alytus Local History Museum

If you want to learn more about the region and history of Alytus, we recommend you to visit the Alytus Local History Museum. The museum stores almost 100 thousand exhibits of historical, ethnographic and archaeological nature that entered the museum from all regions of Southern Lithuania. Modern and interactive expositions creatively tell the history of the region. You can download an e-card from the museum as a souvenir. Educational activities for students and adults take place here. At the end of August, a new exhibition “Dzūko pirkia” will be opened. Open Tuesdays – Saturdays.

Squirrels of the City of Alytus

Alytus city parks are famous for squirrels, which can be seen in the City Garden, in the resort park or the Youth Park. One can also start his acquaintance with squirrels by visiting the city’s sculptures. In addition, it can be a great task for the little ones to read what inscriptions decorate the sculptures. We’ll let you in on a secret, the bronze sculpture of squirrels, mother Alsodra and baby Sodriuk, decorated with the words “We create our own happiness”. And in 2020 at the beginning, he settled down on a bench in the Old Town Square, near the book exchange house bronze squirrel sculpture (auth. M. Zavadskis), which is surrounded by the inscription “Alytiškės initiatives”, and also the inscription about books: “The book is a good way to surpass yesterday’s self”.

The most interesting activities for children in Alytus

Street Art in Alytus

Did you know that in 2020 Alytus has become a city of street art? The city became alive and colorful as 5 buildings were decorated with various designs. Therefore, in perfect weather, you can make a colorful and interesting excursion with your family in the city itself.

Drawings of the city can be found in various locations, including:

  • Tailor’s drawing – Ugniagesių street;
  • Dove of peace in bright colors – Šauliai home building, S. Darius and S. Girėno str. 10;
  • Keleivis – the old bus station, Jotvingių st. 10;
  • A vision of a carefree future – Youth Center building, Tvirtovės st. 3;
  • The Telegraph is a building marked with number 12A on Pulko street.

Alytus City Fountains

Water is the joy of children, and there are even 4 fountains in the city of Alytus, whose water splashes can be enjoyed not only by children, but also by adults.

Fountains can be found in:

  • Alytus city garden fountain – S. Darius and S. Girėno str., Alytus;
  • Alytus Old Town Square Fountain – Alyvų Takas, Alytus;
  • The fountains of the first Alytus historical square – A. Juozapavičiaus St., Alytus;
  • Alytus Town Hall Square fountain – Rotušes a., Alytus.

Puppet Theater “Aitvaras”

In the puppet theater “Aitvaras” children can not only see performances, but also take part in an educational program during which they will be able to get acquainted with the specifics of puppet theater, puppet techniques, make a puppet or a glove puppet and learn the peculiarities of their management.

Įdomiausios veiklos vaikams Alytuje

The Biosphere Reserve of Žuvinta

One of the most impressive natural objects in this region is the Zuvinta Biosphere Reserve. Žuvintas is the oldest and first protected territory in Lithuania. There is an educational trail with an observation tower by Lake Žuvintas.

The 150-meter-long trail with a birdwatching tower is intended for viewing the shores of Lake Žuvintas and getting to know the rich world of the lake, its coastal reeds and bush birds, and the main plant species. The renovated visitor center has a modern exposition dedicated to the diversity and management of the nature of Lake Žuvintas and its shores.

The exhibition is prepared for the independent visitor: the information portal contains interesting materials about the biosphere reserve: natural and cultural values ​​and separate parts of the reserve, the stands contain stories about the nature of Lake Žuvintas and its shores. Here you can watch the first films about the Žuvintas Reserve, which have already become historical.

The Triangular Square and Fountain of Butrimoniai

On the way, don’t forget to visit another unique object. This triangular square was reconstructed in 2019, and is the only one in Lithuania. And the unique highlight of the renovated square, which has attracted the attention of all of Lithuania, is its fountain. It’s the only one of its kind in Lithuania: in the shape of an acrylic flask, inside there is a huge whirlpool of water. Water flows through the wall of the fountain, which creates a unique sight. After dark, the fountain lights up in different colors.

The Fountain of Butrimoniai

The Daugai City

Also on the way, in the city Daugai , in the market square, there is a modern children’s playground where you can have fun. But the place that caught our eye the most is the water trampoline park in Daugai, in the clean Lake Didiuli, in an exclusive place on the shore of the lake. The ecological and clean environment will not only allow you to test your strength on the trampoline, but also to have a peaceful rest on Daugai Island.

Daugų centrinė vaikų aikštelė. Turgaus aikšte.

The Pivašiūnai Craft Center

Food lovers or little cooks must visit the Pivašiūnai Crafts Center. Here you will be given the opportunity to shape and bake your own loaf of rye bread in a freshly fired oven, beat the butter with a local “buike” and taste it right there. For those who want to experience the taste of the local food, here they will offer baking and tasting of potato bands, buckwheat babkas, pies, cookies, and more.

Lovers of old crafts will not be disappointed either. They will be able to learn woodcarving, potter’s craft, felting, weaving various items from wicker or kašikis (braids), pouring candles and knitting patterned woolen socks and gloves. In the souvenir shop, even the most whimsical will find a cute handmade item for themselves.

The Beaches of Alytus District

If it’s a very hot day while traveling with children, you can also choose leisure time on the shore of the lake. In the Alytus district, there are public, free, well-maintained beaches with children’s playgrounds and volleyball courts. Here you can spend the whole hot day or just stop to refresh yourself.

And you can find them in these areas:

The most interesting activities for children in Alytus were also described in our other articles – Alytus with children, and To the region of Alytus – getting to know their heritage.

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