Neris Regional Park with Children Kelionės su vaikais
Neris Regional Park with Children

Neris Regional Park with Children

The Neries Regional Park near Vilnius is a great place to actively spend time with children. These are our favorite hiking trails and mounds. And also places that offer the most beautiful panoramic views.

In this blog, we explore the Neris Regional Park with children. Pack a backpack of snacks, find comfortable shoes and go on an adventure with the whole family in nature.

Šilėnai Educational Trail

Traveling with children on the Šilėnai educational trail, you will be able to introduce them to the unique village of Šilėnai. Come to Šilenai and leave your car here. It is most convenient to start the trip from the church square in Šilėnai, and the length of the trail is around 6 km along the route.

The first part of the trail to Naujoji Rėva mound. The second part – to the village of Šilėnai. The second part will have to be covered by a forest road. It will take you three to four hours to cover the entire route.

The route is suitable for pedestrians and can also be covered by children with bicycles. And if you’re not afraid to bring a stroller, go for it. The only difficult section is near the village of Naujoji Rėva. There is a steep hill and a narrow forest path.

The Dūkšta Educational Trail

This one is one of the most difficult, physically demanding, but the most interesting route of the Neris Regional Park, which is definitely worth a trip. Therefore, choose it with older children.

Do we recommend this trail? Definitely yes. It’s definitely not a fit for families with strollers, though. The length is about 5 kilometers and walking through the trail will take you three to four hours.

The Saide Educational Trail

This educational trail is just one kilometer long. You can easily cover it in an hour or a little more. The trail is really beautiful, perfect for visiting in all seasons. And the most fascinating thing is that its landscape is very unusual for us.

Neris regional park with children.

Neris regional park with children.

The Grabijolai Educational Trail

You want extreme sensations with older children? Very good – this trail is just for you! Bear in mind that this educational trail is not suitable for prams or small children. There are no wooden steps or gravel paths. The trail itself leads through meadows, country roads, forests and slopes. The trail is not long with only 4 kilometers in length, so you can cover it in 2 hours.

The Karmazin Educational Trail

This is another educational trail that will work with children who can already walk longer distances on their own. There are no wooden or asphalted roads on this four-kilometer-long trail. The trail meanders through the forest all the time. In it, you can find 4 resting places with gazebos for a fun picnic.

The Viewpoint of Paneriškiai

The Paneriškiai Viewpoint is one of the most special places in the Neris Regional Park. It offers a fantastic view and a stunning panorama. This place is really extraordinary: you can see the wide bend of the Neris River, several islands in the riverbed, and the village of Paneriškiai through the trees. The height of the cliff is over 70 meters!) The well-known solid metal frame table with chairs is placed here. I have no doubt that you will recognize it from the photos, because everyone who visits is sure to capture it there.

A Sight of Whiners

This is another great and impressive sight that is definitely worth a visit because of the panorama itself and because of the very beautiful photos that can be taken here. And besides, there is also a great cafe where you can grab some food or a coffee after all the hikes and excursions.

The Buivydai Mound

Currently, both the approach and the access to the mound itself are very nicely arranged. The mound itself offers excellent panoramic views, and after climbing to the very top, you will see the valley of the Dūkštai stream towards Bradeliškiai and the Karmazinai hill.

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