Traveling the Ignalina Region with Children - Kelionės su vaikais
Traveling the Ignalina Region with Children
Kelionės su vaikais Ignalinos krašte

Traveling the Ignalina Region with Children

“Travelling with Children” and the Ignalina district tourism information center offers to discover trips with children in the Ignalina region.

Travelling the Ignalina region with children – if you’re looking for a guide to places to visit, where both children and adults will be guaranteed unforgettable moments, keep reading.

The City of Ignalina, the Route of Eight Lakes and the Observation Tower

When you come to Ignalina surrounded by forests and eight lakes, you can try the 8 lakes route, which will take you up to the Vilkakalnis observation tower, from which you will have the opportunity to admire the city panorama from the observation deck, located at a height of 25 meters. In the town square, you will meet a Cyclist who greets and waves to visitors. This urban character especially attracts the attention of children, who like to climb on the bike and give the Cyclist a high five.

The shore of Lake Paplovini is a favorite place for walks among guests and local residents. During the summer season, next to the bridge connecting the two shores of the lake, a fountain is gushing from the lake.

Ignalina Regional Museum

The museum requires special attention, where you can get acquainted with the history of these places and the inhabitants, their crafts, customs and traditions, and see the TREASURE found in the Ignalina area. In addition to the main expositions, various events, exhibitions and educational activities are regularly organized.

More information with exact coordinates of the museum can be found in the “Travelling with Children ®” on the IGNALINA COUNTRY attractions map.

Sculpture of Ignalina and Seagull Amusement Park

The town of Ignalina has a very beautiful legend of the origin of the name, which is briefly described on the sculpture. The sculpture is of Igna and Lina on the shore of Lake Paplovinia, the shores of which are connected by a large bridge. The Seagull amusement park is located right next to it. It’s the same place where the longest flight across the lake in Lithuania is carried out. It stretches for as much as 310 m (one way), and there is the highest point for jumping from a tree – that’s at a height of 22 meters! The park has two levels of competition sections – these are the green and blue tracks. There is a park for toddlers, safe climbing in the network. There is also a restaurant next to the park, where parents can enjoy a coffee or taste the salmon caught in the local lakes.

More information with exact coordinates of the sculpture can be found in the “Travelling with Children ®” on the IGNALINA COUNTRY attractions map.

More information with exact coordinates of the amusement park can be found in the “Travelling with Children ®” on the IGNALINA COUNTRY attractions map.

Ladakalnis and the Water Mill of Ginučiai

After admiring the city and enjoying active entertainment, you can go to Ladakalnis. From there which you can see 6 lakes, try to count if you can really see all 6. On the way, stop at the Ginučiai water mill. Don’t forget to take bread, because there you will find a lot of hungry locals – ducks and swans. Also, on the way to Ladakalnis, you will pass the Ginučiai and Papiliakalnė mounds. I wonder how many steps lead to the Ginučiai mound? Will you take the challenge to count?

The Obsevation Tower of Šiliniškiai (Ginučiai)

The ridge is famous for the observation tower of Šiliniškiai (Ginučiai.) It is the first observation deck installed on the tower of mobile telecommunications antennas.

The tower stands next to the road Ginučiai – Kirdeikiai (about 2 km from Ginučiai), near lakes of Ūkojis and Pakas. Amazing views from the observation deck of the tower are available in all seasons.

More information with exact coordinates of the observation tower can be found in the “Travelling with Children ®” on the IGNALINA COUNTRY attractions map.

The tower of Ginauciai

The tower of Ginauciai

The Beekeeping Museum

In the oldest village of the Aukštaitija National Park, the only Beekeeping Museum in Lithuania awaits both young and old. The park is protected by sculptures of pagan gods. The museum invites you not only to get to know the secrets of beekeeping up close, but it is also fun to take a walk. You can also taste honey or relax in the hammocks in the large area of ​​the museum. Indoor interactive exhibitions invite you to visit the beekeeper’s hut, workshop and even the hive itself.

More information with exact coordinates of the museum can be found on the “Travelling with Children ®” on the IGNALINA COUNTRY attractions map.


You can probably write books about this corner of beauty, but that’s not enough – you need to come here and see it all with your own eyes. You can take a wonderful walk in nature trails of Palušė. There, you can see a woodpecker hammering a tree, a goose flying over the trees, or a crane catching fish in the marsh. On the coast of Lūšiai lake, near the village of Meironai, there are 16 wooden sculptures.

If you enjoy the warm weather, make sure you take the time to swim in the lake of Palūšė, near which there are even several tidy beaches. You can also rent and ride a boat, a speedboat, a pleasure boat or even a clear kayak right here.

Be sure to visit the famous Palūšės church, which was once featured on the banknote of Litas. Maybe you still have one somewhere? Show your children, they will surely be interested. Next to the church there is a huge unique oak tree that is more than 400 years old, will your family members have enough arms to hug the trunk of the oak tree?


You must have heard that there is Paradise in the Ignalina district. If not, be sure to go, take a look and tell everyone you were in Paradise. The beautiful blossoming apple orchards will welcome you to Paradise, where you can make a great family photo session without much effort. When biting into a juicy apple, today few people think that this apple was bred by Professor Adam Hrebnicki. That museum is located in the small village of Paradise. Here you will see many types of apples that grow in Lithuania.

Aukštaitija National Park Visitor Center

The Aukštaitija National Park is the oldest national park in Lithuania, established in 1974 in order to preserve the unique ecosystem of the upper reaches of the Žeimena. It is located at the junction of three landscape areas, its natural and cultural values. The area of ​​the park is 40,574 ha, water covers 15.5%, forests – 69% of the territory. It is the second largest national park in Lithuania.

The visitor center of the Aukštaitija National Park is located in the Palūšės village. The main theme of the exhibition in the visitor center is “People of the Lakes”. In it, you can learn about both the old and the current fishing methods, about the sailing of souls and cows.

More information with the exact coordinates of the center can be found in the “Travelling with Children ®” on the IGNALINA COUNTRY attractions map.

The Danilevich Nature Museum

From now on, the old and beautiful village of Ažvinčiai, surrounded by forests, in the Kazitiškis ward of the Ignalina district, will have an interesting place to visit. The Valdos Danilevičius Nature Museum was built and established in a private homestead and presented to the public on June 12. It exhibits more than several hundred impressive trophies from all over the world, from the largest to the smallest.

More information with exact coordinates of the museum can be found in the “Travelling with Children ®” on the IGNALINA COUNTRY attractions map.

The Paliesius Manor

At the Paliesius manor you will get stronger with the tastiest buns baked on the spot. Drink a cup of herbal tea, and after regaining your strength you can take a walk along the manor’s educational nature trail. You can also as take part in educational activities. In the manor, you can all bake a muffin cake together, and while baking, you will learn small baking secrets and shape the muffins with your own hands.

You will also be able to try another education that leaves unforgettable impressions in your memory. How to make a doll? What materials are used? How to become a puppeteer? During the educational session, all your questions will be answered. In addition, each of you will make a doll with the help of the doll maker, and the doll you bring home with your own hands will remain for you as a sweet and cozy memory from the Paliesius Manor.

All this and even more awaits you and your family in the region of Ignalina. You can visit both in the summer and in the very beautiful winter.

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