Czech Republic and Poland by Car with Children
Czech Republic and Poland by Car with Children
Čekija ir Lenkija automobiliu su vaikais

Czech Republic and Poland by Car with Children

Czech Republic and Poland by car with children is a great travel idea for those who don’t want to go far, but want to see a lot, have fun and spend time in nature.

We want to tell you the story of the journey of the mother Lina and her husband and four daughters. Czech Republic and Poland by car with children was their traditional annual family trip this year. And we share with you a detailed travel route, places to visit, recommendations and tips on what to see and visit in the Czech Republic with children and what fun things to do in Poland with children.

Czech Republic and Poland by car with children

1 day. Krakow, here we are again!

Early in the morning we leave for Poland. We made a short stop at Tikocin Castle near Bialystok to exercise our legs. Žygymantas Augustas also lived there. We went around only from the outside. We reached Krakow in the evening. We have been here with our children 6 years ago. And although children remember the Velička salt mine, Krakow was not remembered. And the little one wasn’t even there. We had a nice walk and a carriage ride. Even Izabela said that although she doesn’t like walking around the cities, she liked it this time too. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 2. Children’s paradise ENERGYLANDIA

We spent the whole day in the ENERGYLANDIA amusement park. An American-style park, suitable for older children and young people. It has the tallest roller coaster in Europe and the biggest wooden roller coaster in the world! Many attractions allow entry only from a height of 140 cm, we have only two that have reached such a limit. But the smaller ones are full of activities. The park is huge, there is also an aqua park, in more than 11 hours we did not manage to go around all the attractions.

“My impressions from the park – oh, horrible. I won’t want to repeat it soon,” says Lina, but adds that her husband, he said, will never go to such entertainment again. and they put it somewhere and, of course, let it down,” Lina says with a laugh. “We went to the 7D cinema, I thought, at least I’ll sit quietly here. Where are you! I just left. The children, of course, had fun.”

Buy tickets to the park in advance.

Day 3. Hello Czech Republic

While we were still in Poland, we visited Oswenzim near Energylandia. Because we have already been in the main Auschwitz concentration camp, and this time we wouldn’t have been able to go, so we visited the nearby Birkenau concentration camp. Everything in this camp seemed even more authentic to me. Children are also already familiar with the historical context, having seen films and read books.

The first stop in the Czech Republic is Ostrava. Although the city itself is not impressive, but it has many activities and attractions, it is possible to get stuck here for the whole day. We visited a former huge metallurgical factory in Dolni Vitkovice, and now a visited object. How perfectly mastered the spaces! There is also a Science and Technology Museum, a scientific children’s playground, and an observation tower.

We chose to visit the technical hangar U6. We thought we would stay here a little longer. But the children, who are used to going to museums and all kinds of exhibitions, felt in a familiar space and already at the second exhibit they were happy that they really like it here. Well, the tests of everything began. There were mostly technical and physics exhibits here, but you could try everything. Even play the first computer games with the first computers. We got a little stuck in this facility, but the kids loved it. Then, in the same factory, we went up to the industrial observation tower, where Usain Bolt had also climbed, that’s why it’s called Bolt Tower.

In the evening we went up to the Czech mountains, organized a mini hike from the parking lot to the top of the mountain.

Day 4. BRNO city

We spent the whole day in BRNO.

From the very morning, Lina visited the Mendel Museum alone. Mendel himself was the first to formulate the Mendelian laws of inheritance that bear his name and is considered the pioneer and father of the science of genetics. “We didn’t specifically go to Brno because of this museum, but when we were so close, I couldn’t help but go,” says Lina.

After this museum we all headed to Vida! Science Museum. The Pythagorean Theorem is not very unique, but very vividly explained. And the waste workshop was working. The children, of course, liked it.

We spent the afternoon at the Riviera Aquatic outdoor pool. The most amazing outdoor pool, for all needs – from completely shallow areas for babies to a long and deep pool for adults. There was also a slide for children.

Having rested and refreshed, we went for a walk in the city of Brno and we explored the center in the evening.

Day 5. Caves

“We visited one of the caves in Brno. There are maybe 15 of them here, accessible to tourists. We visited the Balcarka cave and it was all very, very impressive. I visited such a cave for the first time myself,” says Lina.

“After lunch, we arrived in the town of Kutna Hora. Its old town is included in the Unesco heritage and is definitely worth visiting. The most beautiful town of this trip. We also visited the famous Sedlece Bone Chapel. We will definitely want to come back here again. Because the museums here have not yet been visited”, – Lina smiles.

Day 6. Beautiful Prague

“This day is dedicated to Prague. We mostly walked around the city and walked quite a few kilometers. Prague is very beautiful, but also very touristic, there are a lot of people everywhere.

In the middle of the day, in the heat, we entered the National Museum of the Czech Republic. It is very large and diverse – from the evolution of nature to modern Czech history, art, music.

We had lunch at the railway cafe, where food is brought to the table by small trains. Entertainment for children.

We played on the children’s island in the river – Children’s island.

A separate attraction for the children was to ride the subway, because they had never ridden the subway before” – Lina shares the simple joys of travel.

Day 7. Adršpach rocks

“Today’s main and for me the most beautiful object visited on this trip was the Adršpach rocks. They are so amazing that even the “Chronicles of Narnia” was filmed here. The rocks, the emerald lake, the views from above” – ​​shares Lina’s impressions of the trip.

“On the way to the rocks, we stopped at the Škoda Museum.

After the Škoda Museum, we left the Czech Republic, where we spent 5 days, but saw a lot. The Czech Republic is very diverse: from beautiful cities to enchanting nature, from mountains, rocks to caves, from traditional museums to unexpected exhibitions in former factories. We covered only the pearls themselves. We would like to return to the Czech Republic again,” says Lina.

Day 8. Hello, Poland!

“This day is dedicated to Wroclaw. We visited the oldest and the largest zoo in Poland. In some places it was seen that the oldest are ancient cages, but many places have already been renovated, spacious enclosures adapted for animals, a bear enclosure with a waterfall. Many unseen, rarer animal species. But the most important thing is that this zoo has a newly built aquarium, which, in my opinion, surpasses the Lithuanian Maritime Museum. It’s a very impressive zoo, we really recommend it”, – says Lina.

Since we spent a lot of time at the zoo, in the afternoon we walked around Wroclaw, which is built on islands. The attraction is to look for gnomes all over the city. The city itself reminded Lina of Kaunas.

Day 9. Hydropolis and the journey home

“In the morning we visited the Hydropolis museum dedicated to water. One of the most impressive museums of all. The museum is new, modern, interactive” – ​​Lina is happy. “We had a great time and traveled home with the best and most memorable experiences…”

Lina’s family agrees that a trip to the Czech Republic and Poland by car with children was an absolutely perfect choice.

Practical advice from Lina and her family

  1. First go to the visited objects, and leave the city centers for the evening. Because everything in the Czech Republic is open for quite a short time, usually only until 5 p.m.
  2. If you decide to visit the towers, be sure to check their opening hours in advance. Observation towers, unlike in Lithuania, are paid (and not cheap) and also have their own working hours. We didn’t make it to the Stezka Valaška observation tower with a glass floor. So we settled for a nearby peak for a mountain panorama.
  3. If you know which Brno cave you want to visit, register in advance, otherwise you will have to rely on luck. There are many caves near Brno – Brno caves. Many places require pre-registration. We didn’t pre-register, we chose a less spectacular cave (but we really liked it), we just drove to the cave and got seats for the nearest tour in Czech (the time of which was not even published online). But the guide, seeing that we were not local, translated a lot of things into English for us.


  1. Check the opening hours of attractions in advance so that you can visit them all. Hora, a Unesco city, is very, very beautiful, near Prague. It’s a shame that we didn’t get to visit the Silver Museum there (in the actual silver mining shafts and above ground) during their short working hours, the art museum looked impressive.
  2. Schedule more time for fun and activities. Ostrava is also worth noting. There are more activities at that factory in Dolni Vitkovice, we visited the Bolt Tower (which includes a coffee or cake in the cafe at the top) and the U6 Technology Museum. But there is also a children’s area, coal miners’ shafts, and a concert hall. We didn’t visit Ostrava itself, it’s a pity. We left it for another time.
  3. If you want a fun attraction for the family, visit the cafe. There is a great Railway restaurant in Prague, where the food is brought to the tables by trains (and then the dishes are taken away), near the National Museum. It’s really fun!

We thank Lina and her family for sharing their travel experiences and advice.

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