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Rauboniai amusement park
Rauboniai amusement park

Rauboniai amusement park

Can you imagine a place with so many fun activities that children are so excited they don’t even know where to start? Rauboniai amusement park is exactly such a place. Here you will find dinosaurs and pools, animals and swings hanging between trees, trains and trampolines and how many other attractions! Pay only for the entrance and have fun until you have enough energy – all entertainment in this park is already included in the ticket price.

Rauboniai amusement park

Rauboniai amusement park

Rauboniai amusement park

We love dinosaur parks and we like to visit the few in Lithuania from time to time. We love amusement parks even more, where you can find a variety of activities for children of different ages. As children grow up, we increasingly look for climbing entertainment, where you can test your courage by walking above the ground, on paths made between trees. And those of you who have been following us for a long time – you know that we really like animal parks. But the fact that all these entertainments could be found in one place surprised even us, who have seen a lot. Rauboniai Amusement Park is exactly such a place – here all our favorite entertainment can be found in one place at a very good price! On weekdays, all entertainment costs only 7.5 euros, and on weekends and holidays – 9 euros.

Rauboniai Park is very easy to reach – it is located next to the picturesque Rauboniai mound in a convenient location near the Via Baltija highway, slightly between Pasvalys and Biržai.

Rauboniai amusement park – what you will find here

Rauboniai Park is an absolutely universal amusement park, which has 4 different worlds of adventure:

  1. Dinosaurs park
  2. Amusement park
  3. Tarzan’s Trail
  4. Horror Park

As you can easily guess, both a three-year-old and a teenager will find active activities in this entertainment complex. And there are places for parents to rest, hide in the shade from the sun, and refresh themselves.

And what can children do in Rauboniai Park? Let’s look at each place of the park in turn.

Dinosaurs park

In the park of dinosaurs – dragons and giant beetles, you will see many life-size replicas of roaring dinosaurs, as well as moving dragons, which will surprise you with their unusual appearance. Also, the new company of giant moving beetles will involve all lovers of green nature in even bigger adventures.

And to feel the power of dinosaurs even more strongly – visit the 9D cinema operating here, where you will feel as if you have moved to the Seaside Park! Entrance to the Dinosaur Park costs extra – but it’s definitely worth it!

Amusement park

A lot of free entertainment awaits you in the amusement park. And believe me – there is really a lot of activity here. So feel free to plan to spend the whole day here.

These the entertainment you can find in the Rauboniai amusement park:

  • Electric cars – here was probably the biggest queue I’ve ever had to stand in;
  • Electric boats – very fun entertainment on a particularly hot day;
  • Children’s playground – perfect for smaller children;
  • Tattoos and drawing on smileys – another place where I had to stay a little longer. And to my great surprise, tattoos and face painting are FREE!
  • Laser wars for groups and families. Especially fun entertainment for older children!
  • Carousel “Balloons”, carousel “Flying chairs”, carousel “Bitutes”, carousel “The Train”, carousel “Kangaroo”, carousel “Miami ride”, carousel with rails “Worm”. There is probably no child who would not like carousels. Motiejs is no exception, so we spent a lot of time here and even went around it several times! If the children are smaller and afraid – you can use the carousels together with the children. I still find it unbelievable that you don’t have to pay extra for the carousels, because in the city one ride costs 3 -5 euros, so here a ticket that costs 7.5/9 euros pays for itself after just three turns;
  • Children’s observation wheel – very fun entertainment for smaller children!
  • Extreme tire descent from the mountain. I don’t know about your children, but Motiejs loves this entertainment very much;
  • A sports trampoline is a great place to release energy for children;
  • A huge zone of inflatable trampolines – here children can simply lose track of time, because there are many and different trampolines;
  • Boats are mined by hand. Perfect entertainment on a hot day! In this boat pool, children both swim and swim with boats;
  • Water entertainment – some of the trampolines are filled with water, so we really recommend that you have swimwear for children!

The advantages of nature and the colorful town

Be sure to visit the Colored Town, which you can visit by train or on foot. By the way, this train was the entertainment that the whole family tried – even Paulė rode along!

After all the fun, take a breather and enjoy the greenery of the forest, the sounds of birds and other pleasures of nature and go to feed the animals. By the way, pet food, which you can buy at the cash desk, costs 1 euro. At the petting zoo in the park you will find alpacas, deer, sheep and other animals that you can pet. By the way, kangaroos also live here. And if you want, children can also ride a pony (it costs an additional 2 euros).

Riding a pony

Riding a pony

And the best thing about this entertainment zone – all the listed entertainments are included in the price of the Amusement Park ticket! There is no need to pay for each carousel or trampoline separately. So you pay once, and the child can play in ALL the attractions, even from morning to night! Cool and economical!

Tarzan’s Trail

This is the only park of its kind where you can observe animal life from above! This park is suitable for visitors who are thirsty for extreme recreation! There are even 5 tracks of different difficulty, which will definitely take time to overcome, and you will experience a lot of wonderful emotions! You have to pay separately for Tarzan Park.

Horror Park (from October)

When the summer ends or the dark days of autumn approach, the Horror Park opens in Raubonyse, which only the bravest can visit, and these are usually teenagers who are thirsty for extremes. The park will be haunted by spirits, ghosts and the most terrifying creatures, which will surely leave a huge impression on all adventure seekers.

In the largest Halloween horror park in Lithuania, you will be surprised by creepy decorations, skeletons, bones, weddings of the dead, graveyards of popular heroes, a house of ultraviolet rays, electronic themed zombies, a mad professor, a human butchery, and giant spiders that will accompany you throughout the night of horror! The most daring will be able to visit the HORROR FOREST, where you will meet the heroes of popular horror films, live scarecrows, so we recommend that only adults go to this area. So plan to visit Rauboniai Park in autumn as well!

Practical advice

There is a cafe in the park – in addition to snacks and ice cream, there is warm and delicious food! By the way, it is really tasty and not very expensive. So you don’t have to worry about food. Since we travel everywhere with the baby, purees and snacks also travel with us. This is a long-time favorite organic brand of ours. Purées are not only healthy, but also tasty, in extremely convenient packages for travel. And even a five-year-old likes healthy corn snacks.

PONN travels with us everywhere

PONN travels with us everywhere


Have swimwear for the kids. There are trampolines with water, as well as a water boat pool for children to swim in. It’s great that parents have picnic tables, benches and gazebos near the trampoline area so that they don’t have to wait for their children in the sun. It seems like a small thing – but it is very practical. We visited when it was +25, so waiting for Matthew entertaining with a baby would have been a pain rather than a shade.

Rauboniai adventure park

Rauboniai adventure park

If you are with babies or children in strollers, keep in mind that the surface of the park is gravel and pebbles. If you have one, take a carriage with two big wheels, outside of the city. Because it can be difficult to pass with a stroller with small wheels.

Here, for a deposit, you can use wheelbarrows to store things or transport children.

Give the park a full day. Even if it seems that there really won’t be anything to do or it’s not interesting, believe us – there really will be. Until you try all the entertainment, until you have lunch, until you get in line to draw faces, until you feed the animals. And we are still a real child and will want to repeat some of the entertainment.

There are a lot of people in the park, especially on weekends, but the park area is really big, so it doesn’t feel like much. But we talked with the supervisors, and they recommend that it is better to go on weekdays, because there are fewer people.

Please note that there is currently road repair work on the section from Pasvalys, so please bear this in mind when planning your return journey, which may take longer than usual.


In our opinion, the prices in this park are especially friendly, because you only pay for the entrance to a specific area, and all the additional entertainment in it is FREE!

By the way, only children from 3 years old need tickets.

All day entertainment in Raubonių Park + attractions costs only 7.5 euros on weekdays, 9 euros on weekends. Dinosaur park + 9D cinema costs 5 euros on weekdays, 6.5 euros on weekends.

If you are going to visit the Rauboniai Park – we highly recommend you to also visit Biržai. This city, in our opinion, is one of the friendliest and most fun cities for children in Lithuania. Read the article on what to do, where to have fun and what to see in Biržai in our article Exchanges with children.

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