Children's activities in Lithuania - Kelionės su vaikais
Children’s activities in Lithuania
Vaikų būreliai ir veiklos Lietuvoje

Children’s activities in Lithuania

Summer is over, we enjoyed various trips with the children. Maybe your children had a great time with their friends in the camps, At grandparents. September 1 brings us back to the rhythm – school, routine, children’s employment after school.

Children’s groups and activities in Lithuania – we are in a hurry to share with you what we have discovered in groups of children and we have compiled a list for your convenience.

Children’s groups and activities in Lithuania

BANGA swimming academy trainings in Kaunas, Klaipėda and Druskininkai

Everyone can learn to swim with the swimming academy Banga! Swimming Academy Banga is starting its eighth season of teaching swimming and is pleased with the trust of parents and adults in the academy team! Over the past year, the academy has taught many children and adults to swim, and Banga’s high sportsmanship and finesse swimming groups perform well in competitions.

Banga Swimming Academy invites everyone to become a member of the academy and discover joy in the water. Academy Banga teaches children to swim from the age of four, there are groups for adults. The Banga Academy organizes training based on the swimming training program, which allows the swimming instructor to work methodically, monitor the swimmer’s progress, evaluate mistakes, make suggestions and strengthen weak points. Swimming training program for children consists of 10 levels, and for adults – 4 levels. Learners learn all the basic swimming skills and are able to behave safely in the water and participate in competitions.

BANGA invites you to swim training groups in Kaunas in the Girstutis pool, in the Klaipėda basin,and Druskininkai.

You can find more information about training on the website of the swimming academy Banga, Facebook and Instagram accounts.


From February 6, 2024 Children’s clubs are starting to operate in Zoopark! The specialty of animal keeper and zoologist is very unusual and requires great responsibility. Behind the most beautiful animal photos lies a lot of work – easy, hard, wet, sometimes dirty and fun, but always interesting and brings a lot of joy to both the keepers and the animals.

So every Tuesday and Thursday after school, the Zoopark invites you to the young zoologist’s group! Classes will be held on Tuesdays/Thursdays (2:30-3:30 p.m. for 9-12 years) and (3:30-4:30 p.m. for 6-8 years). The price of the clubs is really friendly – 45 EUR/month for 1 person. 75 EUR/month for 2 months.

Registration will take place on the Zoopark website.

Kaunas Academy of Circus Arts

Children’s physical activity and creative expression studio in Kaunas. Classes are held in a unique way in the spaces of the chamber circus. Here, children learn various circus genres – gymnastics, aerial acrobatics, juggling, balancing.

This academy has trained many artists who have entered the professional circus arena, but there are many students who attend the circus academy for fun and useful leisure time.

The circus studio “Kaunas Circus Art Academy” is led by an experienced trainer-pedagogue, who works attentively with each student and applies constantly updated knowledge to work with children.

Children’s age – from 7 to 18 years.

You can find more information about the classes on the website of the Circus Academy and in a Facebook account.

Children’s advanced leisure studio in Klaipėda “Youth workshops”

New groups are being recruited for the 2023 academic year according to the programs:

  • The young computer hacker – activities with the computer, we will learn what each cable is needed for, work with a soldering iron.
  • Young robot designer – programming and assembly of robots, familiarization with the principle and mechanism of robot operation. This year we will be building robots to compete!
  • 3D modeling and visualization – design of three-dimensional objects and activities with a 3D printer.

Classes will be held on Wednesdays and weekends in the premises of the youth workshop. Classes start from September 9.

You can find more information about the programs on the website of the youth workshop, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Kartland School in Vilnius and Kaunas

Kartland School is a go-kart group for children who want to gain driving experience, develop reaction and athleticism, get to know the sport of go-karts and experience many adventures together with other like-minded people!

This is perhaps the only place where children from the age of four can learn the principles of safe driving and driving culture, not only in theory but also in practice. Everything starts with an introduction to the motorized vehicle, its operation and management principles, safe, correct driving and behavior on the streets. After acquiring the basic driving skills to continue choosing the right trajectories while driving on the appropriate track, let’s not forget the experience of managing emergency situations.

Here, children can enjoy lessons from professional coaches, new knowledge and incredible experiences.

Kartland school students can also participate in the Mini Cup children’s go-kart competition, where interesting challenges and great prizes await them!

More information about classes, their schedules and trainers can be found In Vilnius, Kartland and ElektroKart by Kartlandas and Kaunas in Kartland.

Swimming training in the Klaipėda swimming pool

The “Learn to Swim” program is the first international model implemented in Lithuania, which allows you to work methodically, monitor progress, assess mistakes, make suggestions, and strengthen weak points. The model provides opportunities for parents to learn about their children’s abilities and readiness. The program allows you to work in such a way that any coach can take over the training process if necessary without deviating from the swimming training process that has already started.

The swimming training system consists of 10 levels. At Levels 1-7, children will learn and have all the basic swimming skills, know how to behave safely in the water and be able to swim in such a way that they can choose any water sport if they want to. At level 8-10, swimming skills are improved, which can develop into the pursuit of a sporting result.

The aim is for your child to become self-confident, know how to swim and be safe in the water.

You can find more information about training Klaipėda swimming pool website, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Academy of small riders at the “Margas Ponis” stud farm in Pakruojis

Margas Ponis – stud farm in Pakruojis, where community is built and community-minded people are welcome. The goal of the academy is to raise a responsible horse lover from an early age, who knows that ponies or horses are not just about riding. In the life of a real horseman, riding does not take the biggest part, because the most important value is love for your friend (horse, pony). To develop responsible horse lovers with the help of games, relays, stable work, playful riding from a young age.

Activities that await during the circle:

  • Creative workshops, during which various works are performed, in one way or another related to the stable, animals, calendar holidays and others;
  • Children will learn how to take care of and properly treat horses and ponies, they will learn about nutrition, fur and hoof care, they will learn about horse/pony behavior, they will learn to understand the emotions and moods of a horse. You will also learn how to safely handle a horse/pony;
  • The basics of riding, during which children will learn the basics of management, during riding there will be team tasks, relays, vaulting;
  • Mini hikes in the forest with ponies and horses. Children will go to them in good weather;
  • Getting to know the inventory, during which young riders will learn about the parts of the inventory, their correct use and care;
  • Competition. Riders will participate in their yard competitions and, if possible, go to competitions organized by other studs.

We guarantee that this is the most fun time in a real village!

You can find more information about the academy Spotty Pony on Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Private music education school Mūzų Akademija in Kaunas

Academy of Muses is a great place to gain new knowledge, develop children’s musical, rhythmic and cognitive skills!

With the help of music, the child improves his emotional and social intelligence and expresses himself better.

Children and even babies are invited to group classes. Children from 4 years old are invited to individual piano, guitar, violin and singing lessons. The learning program is customized for each individual and training is transformed into a playful journey into the depths of music. Certified teachers and innovative methods allow children to achieve results effectively, but without stress!

You can find more information about the classes on the website, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Remote programming group TECHVISATA

Let your kids get to know the joys of computing and make it their future career. A computer is not just for gaming and entertainment, but it is a very important tool for today’s work.

What is a programming circle? By letting our children get to know what a programming club is, we develop the speed of thinking and the ability to find correct and quick solutions. Someone is born with a talent for this subject, while others master each topic through hard and consistent work.

A child, like an adult, has several ways of perceiving, so you need to choose the one that best suits your child. And then, the individual programming circle becomes exactly that engine, because the teacher will quickly discover and understand how to approach your child with seemingly complex information, how to interest, motivate and inspire him.

Coding Circle: How Does It Benefit Your Child? Learning to code can seem daunting to a child, but today’s academic programs focus on simplicity and the visual aspect of education. Regardless of age or geographic location, anyone can learn to program from the comfort of their own home. The programming club will help the child to express himself in a safe environment.

The programming circle takes place remotely.

You can find more information about the group on the TECHVISATA website, in a Facebook account.

Remote programming school TECHVISATA

Remote programming school TECHVISATA

Tesla Academy in the Museum of Energy and Technology in Vilnius

Starting September in the Museum of Energy and Technology a technical creativity club for 14-17 year old students, “Tesla Academy”, will be held. Classes are held in the museum’s workshop, which is named after the famous inventor, physicist, mechanical and electrical engineer Nikola Tesla.

What will we do at Tesla Academy? We will learn to use such modern technologies as three-dimensional printers, wide format plotter, microcontrollers and other electronics. After familiarizing ourselves with and mastering the equipment, we will produce the selected item: a photo-lamp, a smart home system or a museum exhibit. After completing the “Tesla Academy”, participants will acquire the basics of programming, soldering and electronics.

Why should you participate in the “Tesla Academy”?

  • The workshop is equipped with the latest equipment;
  • Integrated engineering, electronics, programming classes;
  • Attention to the needs and knowledge of each student;
  • Combines individual and team work;
  • Learning by doing;
  • Activities take place in an authentic space – the historic Vilnius Central Power Plant;
  • Competent manager.

You can find more information about the academy on the website of the Museum of Energy and Technology, or the Facebook account.

Children's activities in Lithuania

Children’s activities in Lithuania

Dance studio “SOLO LATINO” in Kaunas

Do you want your children to try dance? Or maybe improve in this area? Sign up! Solo Latin for girls and Solo ballroom dances for children in Kaunas – even in three different places in Kaunas:Alexote,In Dainavaandin Vilijampole.

A dance group for children is the best choice to stimulate a child’s creativity and increase confidence.

During recreational dance training, children:

  • Learning the basic steps of ballroom dancing;
  • Improves hearing by performing special musicality exercises;
  • Strengthens muscles during exercise;
  • Develops posture, improves coordination;
  • Socializes together with other peers;
  • Preparing for performances and competitions.

You can find more information about the dances on the SOLO LATINO website, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Cheerleading club Viva Dance in Vilnius and Kaunas

Cheerleading is a new sport in Lithuania, but a completely separate and rapidly gaining popularity throughout Europe, which came from the USA. This sport, like the term itself, is synonymous with success, beauty and health. Cheerleading requires good physical fitness, which we develop during training. It is a mixture of gymnastics, ballet, acrobatics and various dance styles. The purpose of the training is not only to have a great time, to develop physical characteristics, but also to learn to communicate, work in a team and gain self-confidence.

Girls aged 6-16 are invited to play sports together in Vilnius and in Kaunas.

You can find more information about the club on the VIVA DANCE website, Facebook and Instagram accounts. Registration can be found here.

Viva Sport gymnastics club in Vilnius

Gymnastics is the pioneer of many other sports, which develops and develops the physical characteristics of athletes from a young age. This forms the basis of human abilities. During gymnastics training, all the muscles of the body develop harmoniously. Joint mobility is increased. Balance, muscle strength, flexibility, dexterity and body endurance are developed. For these reasons, the child experiences fewer injuries in everyday life. It is also easier to achieve results in any other sport.

Viva Sport club members are not only professional athletes who represent Lithuania in European and world championships, but also beginner gymnasts. Children aged 4-10 are invited to join.

You can choose the following sports in the club:

  • Aerobic gymnastics
  • Educational gymnastics
  • Acrobatics

Qualified and long-term coaches ensure children’s safety and motivate them to feel comfortable during training and to strive for personal development.

You can find more information about the club on the VIVA SPORT Facebook and Instagram accounts, or on the map. Registration can be found here.

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