Pakruojis Manor with kids - Kelionės su vaikais
Pakruojis Manor with kids
The Pakruojis Manor with kids

Pakruojis Manor with kids

Pakruojis Manor is the best manor in Lithuania with kids. Various festivals are held here several times a year, there are permanent interesting exhibitions, various entertainment and education for children. Here you will find both places to eat deliciously and places to play with children.

Pakruojis Manor with kids – tips, review and our impressions. Agne, one of the founders of “Travel4kids”, visited the festival of flowers, art and love held in the Pakruojis manor with her family and children and wants to share her impressions with you!

Pakruojis Manor with kids – first impressions

Our Motiejus is a very active child who likes playgrounds, attractions, and other stuff, so when he heard that we would be going to a manor where these things would not be available, he was not very impressed. However, only after entering the territory of the manor, the little traveler changed his mind and 4 hours with lunch were unfortunately not enough for us. And we could only leave after promising that we would come back here soon. So about everything from the beginning.

Tickets to the Pakruojis Manor festival, arrival and practical advice

If you plan to visit the festival taking place in the manor, we highly recommend you to buy tickets online. Online tickets are cheaper, so you will save money. The ticket price of 16 euros may not seem so low, but believe me – compared to what you get in return, in our opinion, it is really very adequate. By the way, children under 5 years of age are free to visit.

At the Pakruojis manor there is enough space to park cars, so this will not be a problem. You can enter the festival and the manor through the main entrance and through the entrance near Traktierius restaurant. It is very convenient that you can leave the territory of the manor and come back again. That’s what we did – we went out to Traktierius restaurant for lunch and then came back for entertainment.

If you’re going with a baby like us, keep in mind that the park area is grass or gravel, so take a sports stroller or a stroller with big wheels. Or even a baby carrier, as a small city stroller won’t do.

We definitely recommend plan enough time for your visit. For us, 4 hours, of which we spent an hour for lunch, was not enough. Because the territory of the park is large, there are many very interesting shows, exhibitions, expositions.

A festival of flowers, art and love

This is the fifth festival at Pakruojis Manor, and although it is not the first time we have visited it, it surprises us every year. During the festival, the Pakruojis manor can be unequivocally called the most beautiful place in Lithuania. It’s just a pity that it is impossible to convey the beauty and the emotion that exists in the Pakruojis Manor with photos.

Walking among the many flower arrangements, it is simply difficult to understand how such beauty can be created, and once it is created, so carefully cared for and nurtured. Everything is precisely orderly and beautiful.

Although I am a big flower lover, I saw many unknown but very beautiful flowers in flower beds and compositions.

The photos taken at Pakruojis Manor will probably be the most beautiful photos of our children this year.

Festival program

Be sure to pick program of events up at the entrance when you arrive at the festival. It takes place every day and starts at 12:00. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to see the whole day’s program, because it was very interesting both the expositions, the playground and the animals. However, what we saw left us a really big impression on both us and Motiejus.

Motiejus liked and was most impressed by Tarzan walking on a rope and performing tricks above the manor park. On the way home he kept asking how this man learned to walk like that. The performances of the circus artists and the puppet theater were also impressive.

In the festival program we saw impressive performances, theater, music. However, to see everything definitely plan at least half a day. It is even difficult to tell everything that we saw. And the environment in which everything takes place adds a special feeling. Circus and theater performances look much more impressive against the background of fabulously beautiful flowers, music sounds more melodious when looking at impressive sculptures. Although we have traveled and seen a lot, the Pakruojis manor surprises us every time.

It’s especially nice that the festival program is designed with both adults and children in mind.

In detail, what to do for children at the biggest summer festival in Lithuania.

What to do in Pakruojis Manor with kids

What to do in Pakruojis Manor with kids

What to do in Pakruojis Manor with kids

In addition to all the attractions of the festival, there are plenty of activities for children. The impressive beauty of the play castle and the ancient carousel, which you can spin as much as you like, are worth it. By the way, we will remember the Pakruojis Manor for another reason – because it was our six-month-old Paula’s first ride on the carousel.

There are more than 30 historical buildings on the territory of the manor, where various expositions are located. So believe me – here you will definitely find something to do and see in both good and bad weather. And the range of exhibitions is so wide that everyone will find something interesting. Our Matthew especially liked the manor farm, the technical workshop and the collection of antique cars.

What to do in Pakruojis Manor with kids

What to do in Pakruojis Manor with kids

Both we and the kids are very fond of animal farms. So we are very happy to be able to visit the manor farm, which is home to horses, geese, turkeys, chickens and the real camel. By the way, animals can be petted and fed.

We guarantee that your children will like the Pinball exhibition of vintage slot machines, just like our Motiejus did.

The Manor Workshop

The Manor technical workshop – this is a place where especially boys and their parents will spend more than one hour. Here is a very large collection of old farm machines, tools, engines, tractors. By the way, on the territory of the manor you will also see fabulously beautiful antique cars and machinery, which you can take for a ride.

For everyone who plans to visit the manor with children, we highly recommend stopping by the manor tailor’s workshop. Here is not only an exhibition of authentically recreated clothes, but also unreal entertainment. Court costumes are not only to be seen and touched! You can take advantage of a unique opportunity and dress them up. Can you imagine the fun? And what wonderful photos you will take – especially among the blooming flowers and amazing sculptures. It is true that when we visited it was +33 degrees, so we did not take advantage of this unique opportunity because it was very hot, although we really wanted to.

We highly recommend visiting Love Island. It is a small oasis of peace because it has many hammocks, swings, and dreamcatchers. But the most important thing is that there are rabbits living freely here, which you can pet and feed.

Lunch at Traktierius restaurant with children

We have been to Traktierius restaurant more than once. Therefore, when planning a visit to the Pakruojis manor festival, we decided to have lunch there as well. The restaurant is really great. We especially recommend their cumin ghee. It just tastes amazing! We ate beef cheeks, and Motiejus ate pancakes. For us, beef cheek is the dish that shows the skills of a restaurant chef, because it is not very easy to make tasty cheek. They should be melt in the mouth, soft and full of flavor. That’s exactly what they were. By the way, the portion is very large.

We also saw a temporary cafe near the entrance, but we didn’t have time to visit it, because as always we ran out of time. By the way, the manor also produces very tasty “non-kid” drinks, which we really recommend trying!

Packed the manor with children for the whole weekend

As we mentioned, it’s not the first time we’ve been here, and all kids of “Travel4kids” really likes it here. Jolita, the other founder of “Travel4kids”, also visited the Pakruojis Manor a little earlier and spent the whole weekend there with her children.

In addition to all the activities, entertainment and events mentioned by Agne, we also tried overnight stay and dinner in the manor restaurant.

An 11-room hotel is located in the central palace of the Pakruojis Manor in classicist style, which opens its doors to everyone who wants a special time and luxury steeped in history. Various interior details really make you feel like a manorial life, and in the morning you are greeted by wonderful views from the window. Candlelight dinner and special service make you even more relaxed. The kids still remember the tastiest duck they’ve ever ate, and we adults remember the catfish dishes we ate for so many lunches. We ate in Traktierius tavern of and in the palace restaurant. Highly recommended!

Pakruojis Manor is suitable for both younger and older children. In addition to Agnes’ already listed entertainments and visited spaces, I would like to mention that our young lady Greta really liked visit to the manor perfumer. This one was so nice that she not only introduced our lady to the perfumes and sprays she created, but also allowed us to “taste” a variety of different aromas.

Since our children are older, they liked it in the only museum of the Punishments of the Bountiful Era. Illuminated by the dim light of medieval dungeons and the clank of chains, you will be able to see and learn more about the punishments, tools and devices used in ancient times.

“Travel4kids” recommends: Pakruojis Manor – a great idea for a weekend or day trip with children of all ages.

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