Christmas Trains of LTG Link 2023 - Kelionės su vaikais
Christmas Trains of LTG Link
Kalėdiniai „LTG Link“ traukiniai

Christmas Trains of LTG Link

LTG Link trains, which create a festive mood, will return to the country’s railways for the third time this year. Passengers will be able to travel on trains that have already started running until January 7. This year, customers will be able to choose from three trains running on various routes. These routes are Vilnius–Klaipėda, Vilnius–Kaunas, Vilnius–Trakai and Vilnius–Mockava. Go Vilnius is giving away the last festive joint trips to Warsaw this year.

Christmas “LTG Link” trains are not only a way of traveling, but also creating a festive mood for your families.

LTG Link Christmas trains

“This year, we can already say with certainty that the Christmas trains, which are extremely popular with passengers, are becoming a tradition, encouraging both regular customers and passengers who choose to go to another city by public rather than their own transport to travel more and more sustainably. As every year, with this initiative, we will invite you to experience journeys on trains decorated with motifs of the Eastern Express or Christmas tales. We see that the need to try special trips is growing every year, so this year together with Go Vilnius we will offer a choice of even four different trains”, says Dovilė Aleksandravičienė, head of business development and marketing of LTG Link.

Christmas “LTG Link” trains will go to Poland and Latvia

According to her, the festively decorated train will run on the Vilnius-Mockava (Warsaw) route until December 26. It is planned that way immediately after Christmas – from December 27. With this decorated train, passengers will be invited to go to the first ones that are highly anticipated by the public international route Vilnius–Riga trips.

Vilma Daubarienė, head of the Go Vilnius tourism department, is happy that guests from Poland will also be able to try out the decorated trains this year.

“The new route introduced last year, which appeared after a break of almost ten years, became very popular. Polish residents who come to Vilnius usually spend at least two days here, during which they visit the most popular tourist attractions, taste local food and spend time getting to know the heritage sites. Poles are also interested in new attractions that have not yet been discovered for them, for example, Robert Makłowicz, a famous Polish culinary and travel journalist who visited Vilnius last year, visited the Paupia district, the Senatoriai Passage, the Lukiškės Prison, the Hale Market.

During the nine months of this year, Vilnius has already been visited by about 80,000 tourists from Poland. It is one of the fastest recovering markets after the pandemic. The possibility to come to Vilnius by train significantly contributes to the promotion of inbound tourism and helps to exploit the existing tourism potential of the neighboring country”, says V. Daubarienė.

Christmas trains by LTG Link

Christmas trains by LTG Link

A winter tradition at LTG Link

According to “LTG Link” data, over 74,000 people traveled on festive trains in the last two years. Of them, almost 15 thousand residents chose to exchange trips with their own vehicles for trips by train.

As part of LTG Link’s winter tradition, some decorative elements will be used in the company’s trains for the third time. Ancient-inspired patterns and lighting will be revived on trains that create sustainable transportation, and thrift stores and other story-telling items will be featured.

“With this project, I want to encourage passengers both to immerse themselves in memories and to create new ones. On the Vilnius-Klaipėda and Vilnius-Mockava (and later Vilnius-Riga) trains, you will see a burgundy color and trains will be full of the past, and on the Vilnius-Kaunas and Vilnius-Trakai routes you will find playful and bright trains decorated with traditional Christmas symbols,” says M. Petruškevičius, who is decorating the trains for the third time.

Tickets for Christmas LTG Link trains

For the convenience of passengers online or customers purchasing tickets with the mobile app will see which holiday trains will run on the mentioned routes and which wagons will be decorated – they will be marked with a special Christmas train and tree icon from today. On trains going to Klaipėda and on international routes, festive decorations will be waiting in the middle carriage of the train, on the train going to Kaunas – in all three carriages. Normal fares will apply for Christmas train travel.

In order to ensure smooth and pleasant journeys, during the most popular schedule times on Fridays, Saturdays and public holidays, tickets for the Vilnius-Mockava train on the Vilnius-Kaunas route and the Vilnius-Warsaw international joint route in Lithuania can only be purchased in advance. Tickets will not be sold on the train. Travel attendants will check tickets before boarding the Christmas train. Tickets for all other flights organized by the company will be sold as usual.

This year, festive trains on the Vilnius-Kaunas route will run six times a day, ie three times forward and three times back. The Christmas train to and from Klaipėda will also run twice a day every day, that is, it will be possible to go forward and once back on the decorated train. The train on international routes will also run twice a day – once forward and once back.

“LTG Link” reminds that it is recommended to buy tickets in advance for other flights as well. Tickets for the most popular flights are often sold out several days in advance. It is most convenient to do this online or in a mobile app.

More information about holiday trains and their schedule is provided on the website of the company.

Schedule of Christmas trains by LTG Link

Schedule of Christmas trains by LTG Link

The Vilnius railway station was festively illuminated

As the festive season begins, the Vilnius railway station is decorated with Christmas decorations. Even before entering the station, passengers are greeted by the decorated facade of the historic building. The building with a 7.3-meter-high green lantern is lit in the main waiting room, and festive decorations are on the first platform.

At the Vilnius railway station, the clock became the symbol of Christmas this year – one of the main highlights of the station. It is he who has become the axis of this year’s decorations, inviting you to stop for a moment and take your time. You can immerse yourself in the festive tale. Christmas decorations will be at the Vilnius railway station until January 7.

Pictures: Lithuanian railways and LTG Link.
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