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Christmas Events in Anykščiai
Kalėdiniai renginiai Anykščiuose

Christmas Events in Anykščiai

Christmas events are starting all over Lithuania. There is still a little more than a month left until Christmas, but only two weeks until the start of the marathon of events. What will the Anykščiai Christmas tree look like this year? What will be the Christmas events in Anykščiai this year?

What activities will make you happy while waiting for the White Holidays? These questions ring out every year in the run-up to the Christmas tree lighting celebration. The celebration usually takes place on the first Saturday in December. What will the Christmas events in Anykščiai surprise the residents and guests of the city?

Christmas Events in Anykščiai

Christmas Events in Anykščiai

Not Just Any Gold Glittering Fir Tree

Anykščiai, who are preparing for the Christmas period, promise to light a special Christmas tree this year! What will surprise us this year at the Christmas events in Anykščiai. Residents of the area and guests of the city will be greeted by a unique, golden fir tree, which will be surrounded by a 12-meter canopy.

It is also unusual that this year’s main Christmas tree in Anykščiai talks about “gold”. Gold naturally sparkles, but most of us know that it sparkles especially when we do good deeds or protect and transmit important values. During this year’s White Holidays, Anykščiai talk about values ​​that begin with openness, attentiveness, responsibility, compassion, gratitude, refreshment, eternity, reciprocation… Therefore, this year’s Anykščiai Christmas tree is similar to these values, and those who are invited to the White Holidays resort, Anykščiai encourages you to experience together the most important values ​​that unite us all. Christmas events are a great opportunity to spend more time with the family.

White Holiday Experiences Program

The creators and cultural organizations from Anykščiai will invite everyone who misses the Christmas spirit to a rich program of White Holiday experiences throughout the month of December. A special celebration of lighting the Christmas tree, various educations, workshops, concerts, performances, awards will await the hosts of the city and visiting guests. Christmas spirit and Christmas events will echo throughout the month of December in Anykščiai!

District mayor Sigutis Obelevičius revealed how Anykščiai will welcome the biggest holidays of the year this year: “Christmas in Anykščiai is a special period. For a number of years, the residents of this city have been creating a celebration for themselves and others. It’s incredible how much ingenuity and effort is put in every year. I have no doubt that this year too, the period of waiting for Christmas will be full of the most unexpected decisions, various activities and, most importantly, good emotions. The first works of decorating the city will be started in the near future. This is taken care of by the company “Svenčių studija”. The festive scenario, which promises many surprises, is also ready, we just have to wait for December 3.”

Christmas Events in Anykščiai

Christmas Events in Anykščiai

Got an Invitation to Celebrate? Dress Up.

As the holidays approach, the municipality will invite companies, institutions, organizations, and residents to create a Christmas mood. They will decorate the environment with festive accents, and participate in the “Celebrating Anykščiai” competition. The purpose of this competition is to evaluate and select the most festively and aesthetically decorated objects of the Anykščiai district.

It is also to encourage communities, institutions, companies, organizations, businessmen and all residents of the district to get ready for the upcoming celebrations on the occasion of Christmas and New Year holidays. Also to aesthetically decorate buildings, houses, living and working environments, to develop the creativity of the people, to create traditions of environmental festive installations, originality of decoration and integrity of style. After the festivities, cash prizes will be awarded to the winners of this competition.

The Fair in a New Space

It is usual to visit the fair near the main fir tree, but this year the fair will move to Tilto St. spaces of the complex. Here, visitors will be able to get to know the members of the Bridge Street cluster, who will present their activities already this year, and food products, culinary heritage products, national heritage products, traditional products, folk art and handicraft products will be sold at the fair. Everyone who comes here will find something to buy.

This year’s Christmas tree lighting celebration will take place on December 3. at 5 p.m. The program of the celebration includes humorous performances, unforgettable moments will be presented by the Table Theater. Santa Claus will also come to the lighting ceremony, who will light the golden Christmas tree of the resort Anykščiai.

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