Children's Camps in Winter - Kelionės su vaikais Vaikų atostogos
Children’s Camps in Winter
Žiemos vaikų stovyklos

Children’s Camps in Winter

At a time when most students are waiting for the long-awaited vacation, parents are thinking about how to make sure that their vacation is meaningful. We are in a hurry to help you and offer you to take a look at the winter camps we have discovered.

Winter camps for kids: from skiing and snowboarding to spending time with friends and animals.

Winter children’s camps

Vencavas First Class Kids Snowboard Camp in Druskininkai and Latvia

Children’s ski camp called “First Class Kids” invites you to join winter adventures, vacations and new experiences with snowboarding in Druskininkai and in Latvia. It’s vacation, adventure and sport in one!

10 reasons why you should decide on a winter adventure with “Vencavu”:

  1. Training will be conducted by professional instructors, and advice will be shared by friends who may already know this or that;
  2. Participants will be accommodated in two-bed apartments in the “Eglė hotel” (when the camp is held in Druskininkai);
  3. The price includes healthy and filling breakfast and dinner (buffet table);
  4. Mobility and movement practices are conducted in the mornings, which will help with your children’s coordination and balance;
  5. In the evenings, participants will have yoga and stretching classes to restore their muscles and nervous system;
  6. Also, young people will be able to rest their bodies in the spa areas of Eglė Hotel while discussing the day’s impressions;
  7. Only 15 places are available at the camp in order to maintain and ensure quality training and individual attention;
  8. Children will expand their circle of acquaintances, learn not only new skills, but also cooperation, helping friends;
  9. Children will have the opportunity to actively spend their time, but at the same time to get away from everyday worries, they will clear their heads;
  10. By participating in active activities, children will not only get stronger physically, but will also get into the mood of a healthy lifestyle, which will encourage them to move more, do sports and eat healthy even after the camp is over.

What ensures the sports spirit of the camp:

  • 4 full days of skiing and training;
  • daily training for 4 hours on the mountain (1 hour for lunch);
  • A First Class training system is used to track progress;
  • Additional sports practices take place in the mornings and evenings;
  • You can have some rest in the spa area of ​​”Eglė sanatorija” to relax the muscles after the day’s stress;
  • Balanced food in the sanatorium is available too.

Camps are held in: Druskininkai, Snow arena with overnight stay in Eglė sanatorium and Latvia (information will be updated).

Camps are suitable for children and young people aged 12-18 (suitable for snowboarders of various levels).

Type of camps: with overnight stay.

More information about the camps can be found on the Vencavas’ website, Facebook and Instagram accounts. Also read this blog – Winter ski camps.

Active camping, winter children’s ski camps in Druskininkai

“Active camping” is an organizer of children’s informal education. It’s a children’s summer and ski camp organizer. This is camping focused on active sports, active lifestyle, movement, nature. All sports are taught by highly experienced professional instructors and camp managers.

At the end of the summer, “Active camping” is organized by the ski camps Druskininkai indoor ski center. For ten years in a row, the “Active Camping” team has been having fun with children on the mountains. Instructors have practice, skill and endless desire to teach children how to skate.

“Active camping” snowboard and ski camps, clubs, take place on the closed ski track “Snow Arena” (Druskininkai). These ski camps are for beginners (those who have never tried skating) and advanced skiers and are held during the children’s and youth’s: autumn, Christmas, winter, spring holidays.

You can choose both day and overnight camps:

Camp program

  • Snowboard and/or ski theory and practice lessons;
  • Snowboarding and/or skiing lessons according to a special program on ski slopes for beginners and advanced;
  • Independent skiing;
  • Lessons – how to choose the right snowboard/skis, protective equipment, boots, snowboard/ski maintenance;
  • Consolidation of acquired theoretical and practical knowledge;
  • Photo and video review, analysis, discussion of results, tips and recommendations;
  • Other additional activities, games, contests;
  • Lots of great experiences, knowledge, new friends and smiles on faces!

Camps are held in: Druskininkai, Snow Arena. During the overnight camps, the children will live in the “Vējo malūnas” campsite-homestead.

Camps are suitable for children aged 8-18. Both beginners and advanced children are welcome at the camp.

Type of camps: day, weekend and overnight stays.

More information about the camps can be found on the Active camping website, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Margas Ponis’s (Colourful Pony) magical winter children’s Christmas camp in the district of Pakruojis

Every year, Colourful Pony’s hosts try to include as many interesting activities and games as possible in the camp program. However, the most important thing for them is to provide children with a safe environment where they can spend meaningful time surrounded by nature, animals and friends.

If your child likes to spend time outdoors, loves animals and is determined to experience an unforgettable winter adventure, we cordially invite you to the Colourful Pony’s Children’s Christmas Camp on December 28-29.

What activities are waiting for you?

  • Activities with animals – children will get to know, pet, feed and learn how to properly care for them;
  • Christmas grandmother’s education – making Christmas crafts;
  • Bird education – this activity is intended to get to know our winged friends better so that we can properly take care of them during the winter period;
  • Making bird nests – children will make bird nests that they can take home and take care of their little friends every day;
  • Forest entertainment – in the forest, children will feed the birds and roast marshmallows on the fire;
  • Games – children will play various winter games;
  • Horse riding and sledding – if there is enough snow, sledding will be used, if there is not enough snow – horseback riding will be available.

The camp takes place here: Margas Ponis (Colourful Pony), Pakruojis district.

The camp is for children from 6 years of age.

Camp Type: days.

More information about the camp Spotted Pony can be found on Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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