Bicycle Paths with Children in Vilnius - Kelionės su vaikais
Bicycle Paths with Children in Vilnius
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Bicycle Paths with Children in Vilnius

Sometimes a child’s first acquaintance with a bicycle begins before he can even walk by sitting in a seat on his parents’ bicycle or trailer. The second acquaintance is when the child gets his first bicycle. You will agree that all parents want their children to grow up healthy, strong and happy. And a bicycle is a great and very appropriate tool to help you achieve these goals! Many children love to cycle after learning to ride a bike. Knowing that, parents have to create the best conditions for their children to ride bikes. To drive safely, it‘s a necessity to choose the best bike and the best routes. Join us as we explore the best bicycle paths in Vilnius.

Our whole family just adores bikes and we ride them everywhere and always. That is why we are sharing our favorite bike paths and places to ride in Vilnius. And in this blog, we will answer the question which bike paths are suitable in Vilnius for your children too.

Vingis Park

The Vingis Park is a great place to spend time with the family. There are a lot of different entertainments and cafes here. However, this is also an ideal place for cycling with children. There are currently more than seven kilometers of organized bike paths in Vingis Park. We like it here because it is really safe to ride with a child. There is no car traffic. In addition, it is possible to go to different bicycle paths from Vingis Park as well.

The Birutė Vingis Trail

You can choose to pass this trail together with the trails of Vingis Park, or separately. The bicycle path extends from Vingis Park to the Green Hall business center. The trail is organized, and along the way there are benches to rest, and also a playground.

Vileišis Street Bicycle Path

This one is more like a track, because it is really not long, just more than a kilometer. But this bicycle path is great with kids. You can find this trail in Antakalnis, on the coast of Neris, from Šilas Bridge to the Vilnius City Clinical Hospital. Not very busy, quite calm, and this place is loved by families too.

Neris Coast

At the moment, both bicycle and pedestrian paths are arranged on the banks of Neris. Therefore, it is really nice to cycle. In addition, you can choose the route you like. You can go one way and return the other way.

The Green Lakes Route

This fun route starts from the Santariškiai Ring, or more simply the Weeping Palace. It is convenient to get here by car and you can leave your car here too. This five-kilometer, asphalted trail runs along the left side of Žaliųių ežerų street, through Verkiai forest to the intersection with Gulbinėliai street. The Gulbinėliai street is already covered with gravel. It is very fun to walk down to Lake Balsiai and, in good weather, have a swim.

Fairy Tale Park

We have talked about the fairy tale park more than once in various articles. But did you know that it is also perfectly suitable for a bike ride with children?

Currently, there are quite a few well-maintained bicycle paths in Vilnius on Laisvės avenue, Justiniškiai, L. Asanavičiūtė, Architektų, Naugarduko and other streets. However, when choosing any route with a child, always assess the child’s ability to cycle through it because the safety of your children is the most important thing.

You can find more routes around Vilnius here.

Cycling and Driving Laws Necessary to Know

You can ride a bike on the road
  • If you are under the age of 14;
  • If you are at least 12 years old, attended a special course and have a certificate;
  • If you are under 8 years of age, you must be accompanied by an adult.
  • There is no age limit for cyclists in the residential area and in the courtyards of apartment buildings, on bicycle and pedestrian paths.
Where is cycling allowed?
  • On a bicycle path, that is, if there is a bicycle path next to the road or on the side of the road. Riding on the carriageway or on the side of the road is not allowed. On the bicycle path, the bicycle driver must ride as close as possible to the right edge of the path.
  • On bicycle lanes marked with dividing lines and bicycle symbols.
  • You can drive on the sidewalk if it is suitable for driving (if it has an asphalt or concrete surface.) While driving on the side of the road, a bicycle driver must not obstruct or endanger pedestrians walking along the road.
  • You can drive on the road part only if there is no bicycle path next to the road and the roadside is not suitable for cycling.
  • You can ride a bike on footpaths only when there is no bike path, bike lane or curb or it is not possible to ride on them (if they have potholes, etc.).

Important! A bicycle driver is allowed to ride in the bicycle lane or on the curb only in the same direction as the traffic of other vehicles in the adjacent lane.

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