Children will Learn to Iron Laundry in Šilalė - Kelionės su vaikais
Children will Learn to Iron Laundry in Šilalė
Children will learn to iron laundry in Šilalė

Children will Learn to Iron Laundry in Šilalė

Have you stumbled upon Šilalė on your way to the seaside? If you haven’t already, you can safely do it even in the cold season, because this city, although small, has something to offer for the whole family, both in summer and in winter.

The Šilalė region of Lithuania is famous for its cultural and historical monuments. In this part of Žemaitija there are many mounds (as many as 34), old graves and barrows, stones-pavements are hidden under the water, there also are large and rich territories of Varniai and Pagramanis regional parks, and a number of state-protected nature reserves and parks are also spread out. There is no lack of entertainment in Šilalė even in winter, so we present to you the most fun activities that will involve not only the little ones, but also adults – children will even learn how to iron laundry.

And when we can’t travel yet, we can get to know this region at any convenient time with the help of a virtual guide – simply select an object on the map, and a panoramic view of the place will open up. This tool is also very convenient for those planning a trip to the Šilalė region, because you can make a plan depicting which objects you really want to visit and see live.

Šilalė Vladas Statkevičius Museum

Currently, the Vladas Statkevičius Museum in Šilalė contains over 23,000 exhibits. About 600 archaeological and ethnographic exhibits are exhibited in the museum. Other museum valuables ​​are kept in storage. Exhibitions of folk artists, other artists and students are organized in the exhibition halls of the museum. Educational activities are conducted for children, and the traditions, customs, and cultural heritage of our region are discussed.

  • Candle making. During the educational session, participants will be introduced to the tools that make lighting. You will have the opportunity to make a candle from wax sheets and decorate it. Intended for preschool children and students in grades 1-12.
  • Production of postcards. During the educational session, participants will be introduced to the history of postcards and the technique of decorating them. Participants will have the opportunity to make original postcards. Intended for 3rd – 8th grade students and adults.
  • Christmas toys made of straw. During the educational session, the participants will be introduced to the traditions of decorating the Christmas tree, history, and the production of straw toys. As a practical task, participants will have the opportunity to make a straw toy. Intended for 3rd – 9th grade students and adults.
  • The path of bread. The story is about sowing rye, cutting grain, binding, and threshing. Grain cleaning and milling and bread baking processes are also involved. This education involves an acquaintance with ancient tools for making bread and familiarizing yourself with the types of cereals. If possible, tasting homemade bread will be on the agenda. Intended for students of grades 2-6.

For education, contact the V. Statkevičius Museum in Šilalė.

The Bauble Museum of Dioniz Poška

Baubliai is the first antiquities museum in Lithuania, which has no analogue. In the trunk of the museum’s carved oak in 1812, installed by Dionizas Poška, ​​a luminary from Žemaitija is visible. The oak tree, which was then about a thousand years old, was called Bauble. A dozen years later, a second oak trunk (Baublis’s brother) was built next to Baublis. Here, D. Poška collected archaeological finds, historical and ethnographic material, images of ancient gods, portraits of famous people and a library of more than 200 books. With the advent of modern times, the trunks were restored and protected, and now they can be seen in the museum space.

  • The presentation of Šilalė district. Intended for schoolchildren who want to get to know the Šilalė district. Get to know our countrymen, see famous places and mounds. At the end of the lesson, a task awaits.
  • Making candles. Students will get to know the first lighting tools. You will have the opportunity to make a candle from wax.
  • Presentation of the history of Baubliai Museum for the little ones. Our little friends will hear a short story about the Baubles, see some photographs and video footage. At the end of the education, you will have the opportunity to draw a Bauble or another fragment you like.
  • National bands. The participants of the educational program will be introduced to the colors, patterns, symbolism of the national bands, their application in everyday human life, and the features that are characteristic of the Šilalė region. The education is completed by untying the national ribbon – a bracelet.

For education, contact the museum.

Upyna Folk Craft Museum

Currently, the museum has collected about 3,500 exhibits from the Upyna area. The first floor of the museum exhibits various archaeological finds (stone and iron axes, brass ornaments, etc.), numerous folk art works, and exhibits reflecting the history of the church and school. On the second floor of the museum there are workplaces of various craftsmen: carpenters, wheelwrights, blacksmiths, furriers, tailors, weavers, their tools and products. The exposition continues outside.

  • Ancient ways of ironing clothes. This museum is home to a bunch of old clothes ironing devices and their types, which are in the museum and are presented to the visitors. The process of ironing laundry is demonstrated with the involvement of visitors of the museum. Practical activity teaching how to iron clothes with various old ironing devices is also involved. Education is intended for students of grades 1 – 12. Duration 30 min.

If you want to take part in this, please contact the Upyna Folk Crafts Museum. Please note that the craft museum is under renovation from May 2022, so be sure to check the information before you go.

Information and photos – Šilalė Vladas Statkevičius Museum.

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