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Trips to Molėtai with Children

Trips to Molėtai with Children

The Molėtai district is famous for its lakes and observatory, but it is certainly not limited to them – there are more and more entertainments that will appeal not only to young explorers of the world, but also to teenagers and parents who miss the joy of games.

Trips to Molėtai with children – every family will find activities, regardless of the specifics of their vacation. Those who like active activities in the area, there are unique educational trails, one of them leads to Dubingiai mound, from which you can also admire the enchanting panorama of nature.

Boats and catamarans are waiting for those who want a quieter activity, and after mooring at one of the many piers, you can have a picnic with your family in the gazebo or let the children run wild in the playgrounds, which are not lacking here. One of the more interesting ones is located in the city center and holds a special place in the hearts of the little visitors – here you can find an outdoor ice rink, a durable trampoline and several play devices that attract adults as much as their children.

You can find some entertainment both in the city itself and in the surrounding area, but the most convenient thing is that you can find all the most interesting objects in this area just 15-30 minutes away by car, which allows you to win more time for visiting and relaxing.

Barbara, who visited Molėtai with her family, compiled a list of places that are sure to appeal to young and old travelers. Parents traveling with babies in strollers will also like it here, as most of the offered places can be passed by strollers or bicycles.

The Lakes of Molėtai Center

This space can be safely called the Molėtai business card. The city’s lakes, Pastovi and Pastovėl, come with a well-maintained educational trail (surface: asphalt, wooden planks.) You can travel on it on foot, by bicycle, and you will have the greatest pleasure of taking a walk here and carrying a baby in a stroller. Next to the path you will find the sculpture “Fisherman’s Boots and Fishing Rod” (do not spare time for a photo!), “Fish with a saddle”, and next to it there is a water fountain and a city fountain. If you go further you will see the Sculpture park, footbridges across lakes, and a stone dedicated to Sisyphus. You will also reach Pasavarininkai mountain, at the foot of which cool outdoor activities await you. There are also a number of small piers, bridges, benches and gazebos along the path, where you can rest or get to know your baby in peace. There are also a number of children’s playgrounds, several bathing areas and a practical bridge with deckchairs for sunbathing near the beach. This summer, equipment rental (scooters, bicycles, paddle boards, water bikes, children’s cars) will start operating at the beach.

More information with exact coordinates of this location can be found in the “Travelling with Children ®” attractions map.