Discovering Jurbarkas - Kelionės su vaikais
Let’s discover the capital of Paradise Road – Jurbarkas

Let’s discover the capital of Paradise Road – Jurbarkas

Jurbarkas Tourism and Business Information Center is preparing for the new tourism season and, together with image creation professionals, refined the brand of the Jurbarkas region – Paradise road.

Let’s discover the capital of Paradise Road – Jurbarkas! Let’s get to know the Paradise Road. Paradise road – that’s the name we call one of the most picturesque routes in Lithuania going from Kaunas to Jurbarkas, and continuing towards Pagėgiai.

Mounds, Castles, Manors and Sightseeing Trails

When traveling from Kaunas, you will see those who remember the ancient times here – Serėdžiai, The deceased, Kartupėnai mounds, Red ones, Panemune Castle, mansions reminiscent of luxury and inviting to be inspired by nature: the Serėdžius mansion, Shiliny, and Viešvilė educational trails.

We invite you to discover Belvedere Manor near Seredžiai. For a long time, the estate was inaccessible to visitors. At this time, the Manor timidly opens the veil of mystery to those traveling on the way to Paradise. You will be surprised because the palace can also be accessed by narrow steps leading from the Nemunas valley. We counted – that’s 365 steps. This is the longest outdoor staircase to the Nemunas Valley.

Another news of the season is that of the Serėdžiai small cognitive-health trail. Informational stands on the educational trail and a lookout point to the wonderful views of the Dubysa valley and a large variety of plants make the green space cozy and provide opportunities to observe how the vegetation changes in different seasons. The cognitive trail consists of as many as 12 “stops”: a shooting range, an observatory, a field of three pine trees, a school park, a large oak tree, a school sculpture park, Palemon’s throne, St. Agota’s “stop”, herb and spice box.

When traveling with little ones, don’t forget to visit the Zuikis yard in Raudone and get acquainted with interesting exhibits and funny farm goats. Everything is fun here! So we will invite you for a ride along the coast of Nemunas on the fun train.

If your heart is drawn to animals, we suggest visiting alpaca farms, of which there are even two in the area – the “Alpaca color” farm in Motiškiai and the “Nemunas alpaca” farm in Skirsnemunė. We invite you to ride horses and feel like real medieval knight in the Panemune Castle.

Panemune Castle

This year, the southern building of Panemune Castle opening its doors again. On this occasion, Panemunė Castle presents 3 relevant news to visitors: the first will reveal the intricacies of the apartments of the governors of the Duchy of Žemaitija, which are proud of particularly valuable classicist wall paintings. On the occasion of the opening, the planned events are intended to present representative apartments, wall paintings and prominent personalities who lived in the castle. In the castle, visitors will find new routes that reveal the secrets of life in the castle: Residence, Kitchen, Castle and Park. And in order for the memories experienced in the castle to leave an indelible impression, new education for different age groups has been created.

In addition to these three news related to the castle itself, there is also another good news – already in the spring we will invite you to the renewed Panemune Castle Park. It is not the end of the work, but you will definitely find joy for the eyes and soul here.

You will also get to know the father of rivers – Nemunas. from the water, such trips are offered by the captains of the ship “Vila Bisena”, “Lyra” and others. And you can get to know life by the Nemunas, all the surrounding nature through crafts in the visitor center of the Panemunės regional park, where both young and old will find activities.

Tasty and Fragrant Educations

And where else are various educations! The visiting card of the Jurbarkas region is grilling breams on coals, only after tasting the breams you will understand the true taste of the Jurbarkas region. Honey tasting is available at the “Medaus slėnis” campsite, where you can also stay and have a great time with family and friends. Education of the Raudone community – “Sofia’s coils” and “Siesta under the Raudone trees”. These educations will allow you not only to fill your bellies, but also to “look at least from the corner of your eye” at the love story of Sofia and Jose de Castro.

This season’s news is the Veliuonas Muilinytis education: here you can make wonderful scented soaps, as well as lip balms and ointments.

Fun educational programs of the Veliuona Cultural Center, during which you will get to know the interwar images of Veliuona captured in the photographs of A. Mickaus, as well as the curiosities of the art of photography.

Delicious “Cheese Jazz” tastings. Only here you will be able to taste as many as 20 types of the most sophisticated cheeses and other dairy desserts.

Historical Attractions

While in Veliuona, we definitely invite you to visit the chapel-mausoleum of the Zaleski family, which you will find in the Catholic cemetery of Veliuona. This chapel, enveloped in an aura of holiness, recalls the times of the Zaleski nobles. Did you know that Veliuona St. The Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary is one of the oldest Catholic shrines in Žemaitija? It was burned down during the uprising, but was rebuilt by Grand Duke Vytautas of Lithuania. In the 17th century, the church was reconstructed by Albert Stanislovas Radvila, who, like his relatives, bowed low to Renaissance architectural forms. Today, from the high square tower of the church, a panorama of the town of Nemunas and Veliuona opens, worthy of an artist’s brush. The tower houses a unique collection of liturgical vestments and church books.

Driving further from Jurbarkas towards Pagėgiai, the education named “Smalininkai – Eternal Border” will help you get to know Little Lithuania. And the spirit of Smalininkai town itself will not leave anyone indifferent. Here you will also find a renewed Justinas Stonys Museum of Ancient Techniques. Only here you will find a new shipping and fishing range with as many as 15 ships and boats, as well as a beekeeping school that introduces the art of beekeeping.

The Beauty of Nature

In Little Lithuania, the forests also rustle in a different way – the hundred-year-old Karšuva forest invites you to find peace and strength, and to refresh yourself you shall visit the Viesvilė fish pond. Only here you will see an artificially created migration route for salmon fish. After going a little further, you will climb to the highest continental geomorphological dunes in Lithuania. For those who like hiking in nature on foot or by bike, we suggest trying the trails of the Karšuva ring: “Walking on the bottom of the sea”, “Hell in paradise” and the Viešvilės educational trail.

In order to feel the breath of a forest untouched by human hands, we invite you to the Viešvilė State Nature Reserve. Walking along the educational trail, you will experience indelible impressions – a quietly meandering stream, swamps full of life. If you are very environmentally friendly, you might meet the “inhabitants” of this reserve. There are a lot of rare and endangered plant and animal species here, so the territory is extremely strictly protected. It can only be visited if accompanied by an employee of the directorate!

Let's discover the capital of Paradise Road – Jurbarkas

Let’s discover the capital of Paradise Road – Jurbarkas

The Center of the district – Jurbarkas

We also suggest not to miss the center of the district – Jurbarkas. Jurbarkas is the capital of Paradise Road! We invite you not only to visit the Jurbarkas Manor Park, which is beautiful in all seasons, but also to get to know the old town of Jurbarkas, on the route “Kauno gatvė pasokaja”. It is a route leading along Kaunas Street of the old town, connecting 8 statues that tell about the life of Kaunas Street in the interwar period and the Synagogi Square memorial. And to recover your strength after the trip, we invite you to the updated Kneipa path in the rural tourism homestead “Jurodis”.

We also cannot imagine Jurbarkas district without famous people who made our region famous with their work. And have you met their works and life stories? The memorial museum speaks of monumental sculptures, among them there are regular exhibitions of contemporary art and various art popularization events. You can learn the life story of Lidija Meškaitytė by visiting the cultural center of Little Lithuania, visiting the education “Big world in a small watercolor dot.” The memorial homestead-museum of Petras Cvirka is waiting for you in the village of Klangiai, Veliuona ward. Well, you will hear the history of the Jurbarkas region when you visit the Jurbarkas Regional Museum.

Jurbarkas region is the capital of Paradise Road, so we invite you to discover it!

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