Jonava with Children – Top 15 Places You Should Visit - Kelionės su vaikais
Jonava with Children – Top 15 Places You Should Visit

Jonava with Children – Top 15 Places You Should Visit

Today “Travelling with Children ®” discovers Jonava. Here you will find a lot of interesting and truly unique places. You probably won’t be able to try them all even in a few days, but we have no doubt that every family will find something unique and suitable for them in this list.

Top 15 places to visit in Jonava with children – where in Jonava you can feel like you are in Nida or in the desert, what fairy tales you can follow for children and what unique excursion you can make in the city? We travel with children around the private city once founded by nobles and try Jonava’s entertainment with the family.

The Kopa Educational Trail

One of the objects that pleased us the most is the “Kopa” nature trail with a unique landscape and vegetation (about 2 km long.) This one is interesting and fun not only for children, but also for parents – the educational trail in the Dumsiai forest leads to a continental dune, which is no different from those you can see on the seashore. A great time with the family surrounded by nature and in the fresh air is guaranteed: information stands will help you notice even the smallest parts of nature, and after sitting on a bench you can take a breather or even have lunch. This path looks most beautiful in July-September, when the heather blooms in carpets, and you can find squirrels, goats and even woodpeckers while walking along the paths. Isn’t it interesting to hike with children in search of a sand dune in the middle of Lithuania?

Mound of „Small Knowers“

When traveling with children, we always want to spend as much time as possible in the fresh air, so the next object is a mound of impressive size and beauty. This mound is decorated with the Andruskoniis outcrop and several hundred-year-old oak trees. This object is said to be one of the most beautiful objects in the Jonava region. Although a part of the mound has already been washed away by the Neris River, erosion continues rapidly along the entire length of the mound, forming the impressive Andruškoniai exposure, which offers a view of the Neris Valley and the islands. It will be even more interesting to visit it if you tell the children a story – it is believed that on this mound, warriors would train for the Battle of Žalgiris.

More information with exact coordinates of this location can be found in our “Travelling with Children ®” attractions map.

Lokėnėliai Mound

Children like fairy tales and teddy bears, so the next interesting idea for a tourist family is the Lokenėliai mound. It is true that it would be really interesting to visit it with children. For children, a legend should be told: that a long time ago a family of bears lived here. After the death of one of them, three bears went to find happiness. As they walked, the younger was mischievous, hiding, until finally he disappeared altogether. Sitting down by the stream with her remaining son, parent Bear waited for the missing Bear for a long time, but he did not return. The bear’s grief was so great that she and the bear turned into a mountain from the long wait. The hill looks like a hunched-over Bear holding a bear close to her – a smaller hill, so it can be a fun place for a picnic with the family, because the mound is suitable for visiting and having fun.

More information with exact coordinates of this location can be found in the “Travelling with Children ®” attractions map.

Lokėnėlių piliakalnis

Jonava Ponds

What is your children’s biggest summer wish? Swimming! Therefore, if you have walked enough, you can even visit two beaches near Varnutė ponds. Here you will find a lot of sand, a great beach for swimming, changing cabins, a shower, and a drinking water station – a true paradise for both young and old. And if parents or older children run out of adventure, there is a wakeboard park “Wake Jonava” on the beach. When you’re ready to swim and sunbathe, there also are bicycle and pedestrian paths surrounding all four Varnutė ponds, as well as children’s playgrounds.

More information with exact coordinates of this location can be found in the “Travelling with Children ®” attractions map.

Jonava Parks

If you are having fun in the city center, visit the park in the center – it’s called the Calm Square. In the park, you can see monuments to historical personalities of the Jonava region – the grave of Jeronimas Ralis, monuments to Petrus Vaičiūnas and Bronislavas Lubys. The newest children’s playground can also be found here.

And the updated Taurosta Park will appeal to both young and old too. Trees and bushes characteristic of Lithuania grow in the park, paths are made of nature-friendly materials, nests for various species of birds and bats are placed in the trees, educational and informational stands are built. Benches and deckchairs have been installed near the park to make it even more comfortable to admire the park and the nearby Neris River.

Excursion of Children’s Playgrounds

If you would like to give the children the gift of an unforgettable full day of entertainment, you can invite the children to an unusual excursion organized by you “Children’s Playground TOP Tour”. You would need a good half day to visit them all. But you would probably take even longer, because it is very difficult to invite children from them. But all Jonava children’s playgrounds are different, suitable for children of different ages. Playgrounds have a variety of swings, slides, merry-go-rounds, climbing walls, trampolines, trampolines and obstacle courses, even a rope for skating. To make visiting more fun, encourage children to visit all of them and choose the most fun one.

A few children’s playgrounds that you must visit can be found below:

  • Peace Square.
  • Neris embankment.
  • Near Chemiki st. 66 home.
  • Near A. Kulviečio st. 22 home.
  • Prie Vilties st. 28 home.

All of Europe in Jonava District

Jonava is the cheapest excursion with your family you can find in Europe! Did you know that in Jonava you can find Switzerland, Paris, London and even Venice? The most resourceful ones make spectacular photo sessions here or even organize hikes. The names of Lithuanian settlements make some people smile, others make them dream at least for a moment, but they do not leave anyone indifferent. It is interesting that this is not a marketing trick, but such names were given to the areas hundreds of years ago by the landowners who ruled these areas.

In a pub in Paris you can enjoy a bowl of French soup, in London you will find a signpost marking the directions of both Londons, and in Venice you will be enchanted by the views of the River Neris. Switzerland stands out for its amazing natural beauty, which was famous for its mansions in the past. Today, on the side of a beautiful forest, in a settlement located by a babbling pond, you can feel the spirit of Switzerland.

Jonava Regional Museum

If you are looking for new experiences and great emotions with your family, the regional museum of the Jonava Cultural Center invites you to participate in education and get to know the culture of this region, touch a linen monk, pour wonderfully fragrant beeswax candles yourself, look at fabric patterns, learn to read their symbols. The creative process is always fascinating, you just have to roll up your sleeves, get to work and color, cast, felt, decorate, weave. The most popular educational programs of the museum are “Lino kelias”, “Bičių pariņa. Guide to bee products”, “Ethnic identity signs in everyday life: decoration of a linen bag”, “When the sky descends on the earth”, “Tree culture: the production of “Wolkel”, and “Among the nymphs”. The Regional Museum of the Jonava Cultural Center offers about 20 different educations, many of which are included in the cultural passport program.

Advance reservation is required. All information and registration for educations at the regional museum of the Jonava cultural center or by phone 860120070.

More information with exact coordinates of this location can be found in the “Travelling with Children ®” attractions map.

Bike Paths in Jonava

If you are planning and preparing for a trip to Jonava, don’t forget bicycles and other small vehicles. About 25 kilometers of bike paths have been built in Jonava, which are convenient for going around the whole city. Those who want to admire the nature can take a ride on the bike paths surrounding the Varnutė ponds. You will also be able to see the bridges of Jonava, Laukagalis hill, a church, and the recently renovated Taurosta park. City squares are with fountains, and parks decorated with flowers, innovative children’s playgrounds, outdoor exercise equipment, and other interesting things. The entire infrastructure is well developed: rest islands, benches, sunbeds, information stands, drinking water stations, bicycle repair stations, and an updated bicycle path lighting are located near the bicycle paths.

Barefoot Trail

A fun challenge for the whole family is the Barefoot trail located in the Survilai farmstead. Would you dare to take off your comfortable casual shoes for at least a few minutes and walk along the path of pine trees, and then take a dip in a mud puddle? A more serious challenge awaits your feet in the forest, climbing on wooden stakes over the soft moss bed! The 2-kilometer Barefoot trail consists of more than 10 different surfaces. This experience will make every modern person distant from nature smile. We will reveal the secret that children especially like this entertainment, as there is also a climbing tower, disc golf and soccer golf park, you can book an overnight stay, a sauna or a hot tub at the homestead.

Jonava Public Library

The renewed public library of Jonava is a real joy for families. Exhibitions are constantly open in the library, and there is a specially adapted children’s and youth area for young visitors. Creative activities and various educations take place here throughout the year. Once a month, fun animation Saturdays and family days are held. Children color butterflies, make emoticons, draw with crayons. And makes various handicrafts. And in the summer, the fun moves to the Book Terrace, which is open to visitors 24 hours a day. The latest service is the excursion audio guide “Literary Jonava”. From now on, when you come to the Jonava public library, you will be able to borrow audio players, wireless headphones and maps and follow the excursion route on your own, listening to the guide.

More information with exact coordinates of this location can be found in the “Travelling with Children ®” attractions map.

Children’s Playground PEPE

Do your children recognize Peppa in long legs? Or maybe you yourself still feel nostalgic for this joke? Therefore, it is a great opportunity for the whole family to go back to their childhood and visit Pepe’s cozy house with a kitchen, a bedroom, and a balcony from which you can go down a fun slide. In the yard you will meet various domestic animals: chickens, goats, rabbits, etc. The yard is also full of creative outdoor games. But the most important thing is that you will meet the real Pepe Longstocking here!

The Alpaca Farm of Jonava

The Jonava alpaca farm is located next to the Jonava ponds and cycling and walking trails. The group of alpacas that settled two years ago has already increased with new pets. This is not just a zoo, where animals are observed through fences, it is an opportunity to get to know these wonderful animals closer, to pet and feed them, to admire their beauty. Information by phone: +37065650474

The Jonava Cultural Center

If you want to visit Jonava during the big holidays, check the latest information at the Jonava Cultural Center. All information about films, performances, concerts, festivals. In addition, you can visit the exhibitions in the Art Gallery of the Jonava Cultural Center for free. The cultural center has equipped a mother and child room to make entertainment even more convenient. And the biggest news is that this year in August 2020. Jonava will celebrate its 270th birthday! Jonava’s cultural center promises many surprises and the most impressive performances.

More information with exact coordinates of this location can be found in the “Travelling with Children ®” attractions map.

The list is prepared in cooperation with the Jonava tourism information center. Pictures: Jonava tourism information center.

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