Game Room “Alissa” – Overview and Recommendations
Game Room “Alissa” – Overview and Recommendations
Žaidimų kambarys „Alisa”

Game Room “Alissa” – Overview and Recommendations

Probably all mothers have the same question every year after the birth of a child. How do we celebrate a child’s birthday? How do we organize the most fun celebration? Where to celebrate and who to invite? I am not an exception – for me, a child’s birthday is a pleasure and an important day, but also a headache. Where, how and who? Everyone will agree that every year they want to give their child a memorable holiday. Read on to know how we celebrated Matthew’s fourth birthday.

The overview and recommendations are related to the “game room “Alice” or “Alissa”.

Choice and Location

Matthew’s birthday is on August 22. It’s the end of summer, and the weather here is really unpredictable. We organized the first birthday at the homestead, with many people, a big, beautiful tent, a trampoline for children and other entertainment. However, rain and cold weather on the last day changed the plans. Therefore, since then, we have decided to organize the celebrations indoors. So, like every year, I went in search of a playroom. You will probably agree that there are quite a few game rooms and spaces in Vilnius. So it remains to choose the one that suits you and your taste the most. After a long search, we chose the game room “Alissa”. And we didn’t regret our decision for a moment.

The “Alissa” Playroom – Overview and recommendations

Why we chose this playroom and what influenced our decision? Answers can be found here.

  • The Place. First of all, we really liked his location – in the town of Ogmia, convenient communication, no problems related to where to leave the car and how to arrive for guests. And this is very relevant.
  • The room itself is suitable for both older and smaller children. This was also relevant, because Matthew’s circle of friends included younger children and children of the same age.
  • Adaptation for children. I was very impressed that there are not only large tables in the space, but also small tables with chairs specially adapted for children. So it is convenient for children to sit down and reach the food.
  • Thoughtful details. It is very convenient that there is a cupboard for storing things, so you don’t have to worry about where to put the guests’ things. How not to lose children’s shoes.
  • The space itself is very cozy, uncluttered, and tidy. You feel perfectly at home. There is a shopping center and a store downstairs, so in case of emergency, everything is nearby. We ran out of water and tissues, so we didn’t have to worry about where to get them.
  • And the main reason why we chose this playroom anyway was because it has real animals that kids can play with, feed and pet. Since Matthew and I adore animals, it was simply wow for us. And all the guests liked it, not only children, but also adults.

Game Room – Out of Love for Children

After the visit, which impressed us so much that we will definitely return, we decided to interview the owner of the game room, Monika.

“The idea of ​​a playroom has been in my mind for several years, especially when raising children. Seeing the children’s emotions after visiting the play areas, it was clear that this is a place where you want to return again and again. Of course, it was scary to even think about where to start, but one day I noticed that a well-known game room was looking for new owners. After meeting with the founders of Alissa, we quickly realized that this is the place where we want to settle and continue the existence of this room. This is how our story began in Alissa”, – says Monika.

“Of course, I love children, I like to communicate with parents, share the challenges of raising children, advise or comfort them, that all stages of upbringing are temporary and you need to enjoy each one, even though sometimes it seems very difficult. I also adore the organization of holidays, my own children’s holidays are planned down to the smallest detail, so I am happy to share my advice and discoveries together with clients”, – I hear from Monika’s lips with great enthusiasm in her eyes.

Once again, I make sure that the best ideas are born precisely from the personal needs of parents. After all, no one else will create a better playroom than a mother who loves children.

When Monika is asked about pets, she tells that “Alissa” is the only playroom with its own pets. “At our place, children play and get to know rabbits, guinea pigs, Degu squirrels. They often come together with their parents to take a look before they start raising them at home,” – says the owner of the playroom.

Babysitting while Parents Shop

After the birthday party, we learned that there is more to celebrating birthdays in the playroom. If you come to shop or have other business, you can leave your children here.

Children are accepted from the age of 3. For an hour of visit the price is 7 eur, and each additional hour costs 2 euros. The employees of the playroom play, draw, and make crafts with the children. If the children are left for a longer period, parents can also leave snacks, and the children may eat at the tables.

“Alissa” also accepts elementary school children after school, and can supervise them while preparing their homework.

So if you are looking for a place for a celebration, birthday or meeting, we sincerely recommend “Alisa”. The game room is cozy, cute, interesting, versatile and full of emotions, and is inspired by the wonderful owner Monika Saulė.

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